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Volker Busch

Neurologist, Neuroscientist, Brain Health Expert, Author

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Volker Busch: Getting out of stress - How to find balance and relief

After brief excursions into the world of music, Volker Busch decided to study medicine in the early 1990s. Head and mind soon set the tone: He found the brain more exciting than the ankle. Volker Busch became a specialist in neurology, and later also a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy.

He soon had the impression that today’s medicine sees too much of the pathological. At a relatively early stage, he was much more interested in what makes people healthy instead of sick. Health prevention and performance maintenance became his passion: What keeps the brain in top form? What makes people perform (better)? What motivates and inspires us at work and in everyday life? What keeps the soul stable? How can we lead a happy life despite psychological stress? What positive influence do lifestyle, nutrition and exercise have on people who suffer from stress and tension in their professional or private lives?

Volker Busch Lecture topics

1) Performance and relief
Fast, efficient and always perfect – Today’s demands on life push many people to their limits. The way we work and the general lifestyle can cause stress and drain our strength. Volker Busch would like to show you helpful ways in this topic area by different lectures, how you receive your efficiency, by finding balance and discharge and by keeping an inner stability.

- Brain under power – dealing with the flood of stimuli, multitasking and digital everyday stress
- Getting out of stress – How to find balance and relief
- Strong and stable through the crisis – How we find courage and gain confidence in uncertain times

2) Motivation and exercise
Successful (over)living means being able to adapt. The willingness to learn new things, to stay flexible and to face changes with curiosity and openness have become important basic requirements for overall success, even in today’s fast-paced working world. By the way, our brain benefits from this in particular: Lifelong learning enables us to grow and develop. But how can we motivate ourselves and others? How do we manage employees well in the context of change and transformation processes? And how can I myself become more self-motivated and achieve my goals?

- Just do it – Don’t be afraid of change
- Motivation with heart and brain – What moves us?
- You have to want to be able to – How we change our behavior to achieve goals

3) Creativity and Inspiration
Health, well-being and performance depend on our mental balance. Dealing with our feelings makes us emotionally competent in dealing with our fellow human beings and ourselves. Emotional intelligence makes us more resilient and influences not least our sense of happiness and satisfaction with life. How do we manage in a complex, complicated and information overloaded world to make good decisions that are coherent and with which we feel comfortable? Where do we get our inspirations and creative ideas from in our hectic and time-consuming everyday life? What makes us happy?

- Creative in the future – From revolution to inspiration
- Head or gut – Human decision making between bits and bytes
- Happiness comes to those who are content – The psychology of a successful life

Several additional medical qualifications and specialist teacher training in the field of sport, nutrition, naturopathy and various disciplines of psychotherapy including pain and stress management followed. Since then, the knowledge he has acquired has complemented his daily work as a doctor, speaker/trainer and consultant.

Currently, his place of work is the outpatient clinic of the psychiatric university hospital in Regensburg. Here Volker Busch treats and advises people who suffer from a wide variety of psychological complaints. Scientifically, he heads the working group “Psychosocial Stress and Pain”. He and his working group have been able to publish numerous papers and have received a few awards for their research.

In 2020 Volker Busch received the professorship for psychiatry at the chair of the University of Regensburg with teaching assignment after 18 years of research and teaching.

In the meantime, a long and successful activity as a keynote speaker and trainer has grown up, with numerous projects and assignments for various companies, authorities, institutes, associations, foundations, clubs and schools. Therefore, it was and is important to Volker Busch to transfer scientific findings and therapeutic experiences into the professional and private everyday life of people, with a humorous implementation and directly usable practical tips.

In July 2019, Volker Busch was given the special honor of receiving the CSP Award (Certified Speaking Professional) in Denver, Colorado. One year later, his book “Kopf frei” was published by Drömer-Verlag in early fall 2021.

Since 2020, Volker Busch has also been the producer of the successful podcast series “Gehirn Gehört".



Volker Busch

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