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Veit Etzold: STORYTELLING - The right Goal - The right Story - The right Way

Dr. Veit Etzold, 'the German Dan Brown' (Radio Bremen) knows how to seamlessly transfer the techniques of an exciting story into the communication of individuals and companies.

- Change Storytelling: communicating and implementing strategy with the right story. Because: STRATEGY + STORY = TRANSFORMATION

- Storytelling in sales / smart selling: getting past the bouncer in the brain with the right story for selling abstract and high margin products. Because: TO TELL IS TO SELL

- Digital storytelling: Content Marketing and Customer Journey in the markets of tomorrow. Because: CONTENT AND CUSTOMER IS KING

- Equity storytelling: boosting the value of your company with the right equity story. Because: STORY = $TORY

- Personal storytelling: pitch and develop yourself with the right story of your life. Because: YOU DON’T BELIEVE THE MESSAGE IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE THE MESSENGER

Storytelling – The quickest way in the head of your customer.

Veit Etzold, “the German Dan Brown” is a bestselling author, keynote speaker and consultant, and consequently knows exactly how to apply the techniques of exciting storytelling to the communication needs of individuals and businesses.

In 2012, after a career as a manager in finance, strategy consulting and executive education, the success of his thriller novel “Final Cut” saw him break through as one of the top thriller writers in Germany. More bestsellers have followed, many being translated in more than eight languages with almost half a million sold books.

Veit Etzold’s keynote lectures inspire not only executives and entrepreneurs; his numerous thriller-reading events are popular with thousands of crime and thriller fans. He appears on stage on his own or together with his wife Dr Saskia Etzold (born Guddat), who works as a forensic pathologist at the Berlin Charité. “Berlin’s spookiest wedding”, was how the Bild newspaper titled the wedding of the unusual couple in September 2013.

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Human beings are born storytellers. But we don’t use our ability often enough. Even though our brain prefers to hear stories than to process tiresome litanies of facts. Stories have helped us to survive for thousands of years. That’s why the bouncer in our brain lets in the stories and keeps dry PowerPoint presentations waiting outside.

Good storytelling, however, is not a matter of luck. Dr Veit Etzold can show you how to use the storytelling toolbox to successfully sell your products and ideas faster, better and more sustainably.

The trinity of storytelling for the 21st century business:

Storytelling and Change
Only a strategy that comes with a good story will be understood and implemented by your employees. Storytelling makes your company’s change initiative a success. Because: STRATEGY + STORY = TRANSFORMATION

Storytelling and Sales
Unlike classic “hard sell” techniques, storytelling does not try to “push” something into the customer’s head, but uses the “pull” principle: Your customers hear a good story about your product; they realise that they need just this product and no other. Because: TO TELL IS TO SELL

Storytelling and Content Marketing
Especially in the digital world, where the competition is just one klick away, customer journeys and hero and villain stories are key to differentiate your business and get eyeball attraction. Because: CONTENT AND CUSTOMER IS KING



Veit Etzold

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