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Tristan Horx: The Future after Corona

Since the age of 24, Tristan Horx has been a speaker from Generation Y on international stages. His topic is the future. He was born just before the turn of the millennium and thus belongs to the coveted target group of so-called Millennials. With their interests and motives, they are the focus of many companies when it comes to questions of social change, culture, but also new economic thinking. Having grown up in what is probably Europe’s best-known family of futurologists, Tristan experiences the clash of perspectives of the generational system in a natural microcosm from an early age.

Future Talks – Out of digital loneliness.

With a sensitive listener’s instinct and interest in future topics, Tristan Horx quickly grows into his role as an engaged interlocutor, speaker and publicist for Generation Y. He questions the future of digitalization, mobility, globalization and sustainability with critical optimism and a humorous, visionary eye. Tristan Horx is regarded as a subtle and unsparing interlocutor of the people he selects for his podcast series.

Tristan Horx lecture topics:

Digitization of the future: the revenge of the analog.
With the pandemic, digitization has become the number one bringer of salvation alongside agility. Companies, processes, communication, shopping, private life – anyone who doesn’t digitize and transform will be left behind. Communication takes place almost exclusively via digital channels, sensors in companies measure the utilization of workstations in order to forecast future demand. What will the digitization of the future look like?

Globalization of the future: changeable paradox.
The megatrend of globalization has long been anchored in our society and shapes the way we think and act. Even though the term often has negative connotations – relocation of jobs, trade wars, diplomatic crises are just some of the associations – it is still an achievement. We need to see the globalization of the future less as a dominant culture, says Tristan Horx, and think of it much more in terms of complex interactions that constantly lead to new forms.

Mobility of the future: a human right.
How will we move around our cities in the future? What does the mobility megatrend mean for companies and industries that work and produce in this thematic area? Megatrends are drivers of change. Through these trends, we are able to show what awaits us as a long-term development in the future. No matter what the future of mobility looks like, one thing is absolutely clear for Tristan Horx: mobility is a human right!

Sustainability of the future: The world in transition.
The shift toward a sustainable lifestyle has long since become a trend. The market for fair-trade products and organic food is booming, and alternative energies and e-mobility are being steadily expanded. Nevertheless, the question arises as to where sustainability is headed in the future. Are we ready to radically change our habits for the sake of sustainability? Do corporations and companies have concepts for a sustainable future up their sleeves? The sustainability of the future must not be a passing trend, but must become firmly anchored in all branches of our society.

How do we want to shape our future?

Tristan Horx, international speaker from Generation Y, calls for an examination of the outdated mindset. With visionary scenarios on the future of digitalization, mobility, globalization and sustainability, he provides food for thought. Our future is open – Tristan Horx encourages companies and followers to move proactively toward the future with courage and optimism.

As a speaker on international stages, he polarizes in English native language or in German and stimulates critical discourse. As the author of various publications, he focuses on visionary scenarios in his range of topics, such as the future of digitalization, mobility, globalization and sustainability. In addition, Tristan Horx is a lecturer at the SRH University of Applied Sciences in Heidelberg and at the University of Applied Sciences in Wieselburg and, since 2019, a columnist for the Kronen Zeitung.

Trend researcher Tristan Horx on false conflicts, boomers with worry lines and a future worthwhile for all.

Whether he is addressing companies or people as members of a rapidly changing society, he always calls on people to use insights and actively shape the future.

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Tristan Horx


Tristan Horx

Unsere fucking Zukunft - die Macht der Megatrends

Tristan Horx

Die Zukunft nach Corona


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