Torsten Kleint

Torsten Kleint

Police officer & extreme athlete in extreme situations, high performance coach

Speaker biography

Never give up – Torsten Kleint is a police officer and extreme athlete in borderline situations.

He works internationally as a high performance coach for entrepreneurs, leaders and the self-employed. As an implementation coach, he is an advocate of overcoming barriers and an expert in clarity, self-confidence, self-awareness, potential development and mental strength. His experience as a helicopter pilot, extreme paraglider and mountain guide also helps him in this.

„When preparation meets opportunity, success is the result of the whole.“

Torsten Kleint Lecture topic

Never give up – from wheelchair to extreme athlete

  • How to master all of life’s challenges and even serious crises with ease and achieve your goals.
  • What can I do TODAY to give my life a new and decisive direction?

For 28 years, Torsten Kleint worked as a police officer for the state of Baden-Württemberg, including in the SEK (special task force), as a squad leader, operational trainer (defense and access techniques), platoon leader of an alarm unit and finally as a police superintendent.

After a near-fatal paragliding accident in which he suffered severe injuries to his entire body, he was confined to a hospital bed and wheelchair for several months. At that time, it was unclear whether Torsten would ever be able to walk again, continue his job as a police officer and continue his long-awaited mountain guide training.

After years of strenuous training and numerous operations, Torsten Kleint was restored to such an extent that he was able to pursue his passions for mountaineering, martial arts and paragliding again, despite some minor remaining physical limitations.

Torsten Kleint: Formulate goals, break boundaries & never give up.

  • Get out of the danger zone: both in mountaineering and in business
  • Extreme mountaineering and extreme paragliding: Gathering strength and motivation for everyday business life
  • Passion and motivation: overcoming all hurdles with personal vision
  • Mastering daily challenges with willpower
  • Achieving goals: How to achieve the impossible and defy the odds
  • Building resilience and focussing on your goals with tenacity
  • Dealing with crises: How do I achieve my goals despite the worst possible circumstances?

The idea of the future: „Impossible“ becomes „Possible“.

He began working internationally as a model and actor and has since worked in numerous advertising and film productions. He also successfully completed his greatest goal in life, his training as a state-certified mountain and ski guide.

He has rediscovered his passion for paragliding and shares this passion with others as a tandem paraglider pilot. He is now one of the top 25 pilots in the world.

He is also able to pursue his passion for martial arts again. He is currently a 5th master in Wing Tchung Kung-Fu and Escrima stick fighting and holds the honorary title „SiFu“ of Wing Tchun as well as the 1st DAN in Karate.

In his keynote speech, „From wheelchair to extreme athlete“, Torsten Kleint talks about his adventures in borderline situations and his expertise in motivation, peak performance and dealing with crises. His presentation inspires people to overcome their own limits and see change as an opportunity.



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