Tobias Gantner

Tobias Gantner

Doctor, Economist, Innovator & HealthCare Futurist

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Tobas Gantner: The HealthCare Futurist and Innovator in Medicine

Tobias Gantner: “May I introduce? The preferred means of communication for German doctors in 2019.”

On the screen, a huge white box with a telephone receiver: a fax machine. CLICK. The next picture shows an algorithm that no radiologist has yet been able to defeat: artificial intelligence that reads malignant changes from MRI images more accurately than any human being. Welcome to Dr. Tobias Gantner! The ingenious storyteller takes you on a roller coaster ride from now to tomorrow of health care and back again – entertaining, mischievous, entertaining, serving the laughter muscles – optionally in German, English, Spanish, Italian.

Tobias Gantner Lecture topics

- Digitalization in medicine: Artificial intelligence is the better doctor
- The future in HealthCare
- Healthcare & Innovation
- Digital Transformation in Medicine
- Digital Change & New Work

At the end of the adventure journey, you will know what will be everyday medical life the day after tomorrow, how pharmacists will dispute the doctors’ business, why the mobile phone will replace the big blood count – and why HealthCare start-ups will be rubbed up again and again in the wheels of the established ones. You can look forward to a speaker who can translate complex medical material into good night stories for his three children and at the same time, as a doctor and health economist, conduct any specialist debate!

Or do you want future medicine that you can touch and develop yourself? Upon request, Dr. Tobias Gantner will come on stage in his HealthCare Maker Mobil. A futuristic tryout room, stuffed full of everything from 3D pill printers to new virtual realities for doctors and patients. Everything to try out directly.

In the HealthCare Hackathons and Innovation Labs, which Tobias Gantner's HealthCare Futurists regularly organize with well-known partners, thinking becomes action, because doing is wanting something new. Numerous companies have already emerged from this think tank.

Digital doctor, health visionary and keynote speaker Tobias Gantner – Artificial intelligence is the better doctor!

Tobias Gantner is founder and managing director of HealthCare Futurists GmbH, an international network of innovative companies, think tank and make tank. Together with his company Philonmed GmbH, he runs so-called “no doctor’s practices” and thus finds a digital answer to rural care problems. With the Jakiba brand he is investing in patient empowerment: thanks to his eight-language digital books, based on the Ravensburg children’s books, patients understand their own illness much better, behave adherently, save the doctor time and the care system costs.

With the HealthCare Futurists, Tobias Gantner also developed the first VR game for doctors to train complex therapy decisions in immunology. Dr. Tobias Gantner is a series company founder and Daniel Düsentrieb of the healthcare market, who has already launched several award-winning innovations.

Tobias Gantner studied human medicine, philosophy, health economics and law in Germany, Switzerland, the People’s Republic of China and the USA. He was an assistant physician in transplant surgery and held management positions at Siemens Healthcare, Novartis Pharma, Bayer Healthcare and Johnson&Johnson, among others. He teaches at various academic institutions and, as a Sciana Member, is part of an international network of thought leaders in the health of the future.

Focus Tobias Gantner: Start-up´s & Innovations

Start-ups have great ideas and create exciting technologies. Nevertheless, they often fail because they do not understand how the healthcare system works. “The barriers in the digitalization of the healthcare system are primarily due to the fact that the stakeholders have set themselves up very well – and are delaying innovations,” says Tobias Gantner.

Tobias Gantner knows how to turn his lectures into gripping workshop tours and show where innovations come from, how they become reality – but also where they can fail. In addition to inspiration, listeners will also receive an intellectual cure with fresh cells that will lead them to develop and implement their own ideas.

“Exceptional speaker” (Gruner & Jahr)
“Deep, Entertaining Infotainment” (Bayer Vital GmbH)
“Sound factual knowledge, good storyline and the power to reach people.” (Berlin Chemistry)

As Dr. Future, Tobias Gantner has exchanged the operating table for his ideas workshop. Book Tobias Gantner as keynote speaker for your next conference.



Tobias Gantner

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Tobias Gantner

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Tobias Gantner

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