Timo Leukefeld

Timo Leukefeld

Expert in Solar & Energy

Speaker biography

Timo Leukefeld – Born in Annaberg-Buchholz in 1969, this specialist on the subject of (energy-efficient) Future Lifestyles – „Wohnen der Zukunft“ – has been actively engaged in the sector of energy, particular solar energy since the early nineties.

Timo Leukefeld is THE speaker on energy self-sufficiency and living in the future. He is an expert on energy-efficient living in the future and points the way to energy self-sufficiency. As a sought-after speaker, he talks about energy supply and future scenarios, and the federal government calls him an energy ambassador.

Granted the title of Honorary Professor at the Professional Academy of Saxony, State Study Academy Glauchau, University of Cooperative Education, he has been lecturing there since 2011, thus holding the first professorship for Solar Energy Generation in the eastern states of Germany.

He acts as an intermediary between research, development and the tradespeople carrying out the work and this is consistent with his understanding of the concept of cooperatively providing a new direction for energy policies.

In the same year he founded the energy consultancy business „Timo Leukefeld – Energy connects“ and advises politicians, businesses, local communities and building contractors on matters of shaping the future with a view to energy and resources.

Lecture topics by Timo Leukefeld


Intelligent waste – A new approach to energy for a self-determined life

New Energy – Why we live in a world of unlimited energies

Energy Transition 4.0: Networked Energy Self-Sufficiency – New Business Models for the Housing Industry, Energy Suppliers and Banks

The other energy – How the interplay of networking and self-sufficiency is creating the future

Independence – now: tax-free savings ensure high purchasing power and safeguard prosperity and pensions


How we will live in the future – rethinking housing, energy, transport, food and artificial intelligence

Dumb robots and intelligent trees? – Outlook from the machine room

The future is now: Mobility, urban development, nutrition, androids – shaping visions into products

Teaching and Consulting

Leukefeld has been fulfilling various teaching assignments since as early as 2001: first at his alma mater, the TU (Technical University) Bergakademie Freiberg and the Chemnitz Chamber of Trades and Crafts, since 2007 at the Glauchau Professional Academy and also at the Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences.

As Head of a project group of the home building company HELMA Eigenheimbau AG, he put to use his theoretical as well as practical engineering expertise by taking on the responsibility for designing „Das energieautarkeHaus“ (the energy selfsufficient home) which achieved market-readiness in 2011 as Europe’s first affordable and truly energy self-sufficient home.

From 2008 until 2011 Leukefeld was a member of the Saxony Innovations Advisory Committee of the Saxon State Ministry for Economic Affairs and Labour and of the Saxon State Ministry for Science and Culture. The Saxon Landtag’s Enquete Commission „Strategien für eine zukunftsorientierte Technologie- und Innovationspolitik im Freistaat Sachsen“ (Strategies for a future-oriented technology and innovation policy in the Free State of Saxony) and the Management of the Sonnenhaus Institute appointed him as a member in 2010.



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