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Sven Jungmann

Doctor, Entrepreneur, Digital Health Expert

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Sven Jungmann: Medicine x Digital Tech x Business

Sven Jungmann is a medical doctor and now an entrepreneur and digital health expert.

Promoting health, growth and impact – that’s his goal as a physician.

What do you see when you think of a doctor of medicine? Probably an operating room or a doctor’s office. Dr. Sven Jungmann has chosen a different path. And has received one or two critical glances in return: Why would someone who has a top education not want to be a doctor after all? The career paths of physicians often look rigid and well-trodden. Dr. Jungmann shakes up our notion that if you study medicine, you will become a doctor and stay one.

Dr. Sven Jungmann is a former physician working in the world of digitization and innovation. Two goals drive him:

Sven Jungmann wants to show his colleagues that they can leave the beaten track and still remain true to their motivation. Because he still wants to help and heal people. But he no longer rushes through the emergency room to do it. Instead, he’s going to the roots: He’s working on innovations that improve the healthcare system for patients, doctors and nurses. That’s his second goal: to transform the healthcare industry so that he himself would want to work as a doctor again.

Innovative technologies can help us achieve greater health and humanity. Dr. Jungmann is convinced of this. In his speeches, Dr. Sven Jungmann also shows people who have nothing to do with medicine: You can stay true to your motivation and still create your own map for life. Whether as an individual or as a company in transition. A fulfilled existence characterized by growth & impact is possible!

Sven Jungmann Lecture topics:

- Empowerment von & für Unternehmen und Einzelpersonen
- The future of medicine
- Innovation and transformation in the healthcare system
- Reinventing yourself in line with (corporate) values
- Humanity and technology in medicine

Sven Jungmann is a physician and entrepreneur working at the intersection of technology and evidence-based medicine. After several years in internal medicine, he moved into the role of healthcare innovator, starting as founding CEO of Helios’ first corporate venture, Europe’s largest private hospital group.

Sven Jungmann then moved into building tech companies in Germany and beyond. Sven Jungmann is a partner and chief medical officer at FoundersLane. On the side, he advises several healthcare companies, such as Wellster Healthtech, a D2C healthcare start-up now valued at $100M, or Halitus, a machine learning-based diagnostics start-up in the field of breath analysis via laser. He also helps established angel investors and venture capital firms make the right investment decisions in healthcare and biotech companies. And he has his own start-up that is advancing gamification in medical education.

Sven Jungmann was named to Handelsblatt’s list of Germany’s 100 Smartest Innovators (they dubbed him the “Big Data Doctor”) and he is on Business Punk’s 2021 Watchlist. Rotary International awarded him a $30,000 scholarship to support his studies at Oxford, where he also won the £5,000 Kounelakis-Zegarac-Pollock Prize.  In addition to his medical degree, Sven Jungmann holds a Master’s in Public Policy from Oxford, a Master’s in Public Health from LSHTM, and a PGDip in Entrepreneurship from Cambridge.

Dr. Sven Jungmann offers a broad portfolio of topics. Due to his close contacts in the global healthcare innovation ecosystems such as Silicon Valley, Oxford, Cambridge, Berlin, he is able to report on the latest technological and structural trends. His experience with different corporations and start-ups involved in digital innovation allows him to provide deep insights into the pitfalls and proven solution approaches of different innovation approaches (about which he has also written a book published in German and English). Finally, it also allows him to share important personal experiences from his unusual life path that have already inspired many talented people to redefine their own career paths and to keep going back to their real life mission.



Sven Jungmann

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