Sven Göth

Sven Göth

Business Futurist, Founder & CEO Digital Competence Lab

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Sven Göth – An inspiring voice of the changing world of life and work.

Companies and institutions that are realigning themselves are supported by Sven Göth with impulses and solution approaches. With a core focus on digital transformation, disruption and the changing worlds of life and work, he develops future-proof business models and strategies together with clients.

In keynotes, workshops and presentations, Sven Göth provides inspiring impulses for your participants.

Sven Göth is CEO & Founder of the Digital Competence Lab, one of the largest decentralized networks of experts in the German-speaking world.

Speaking topics Futurist Sven Göth

Competencies for the 21st century.
We live in a world that is changing at a breathtaking pace. The predictability and predictability of events are more difficult than ever to manage. Covid-19 has more than made this state of affairs clear to us. All of us, worldwide, are confronted with changes in our private as well as professional environment due to the current situation.

In this context and beyond, the question arises, how can I prepare myself or my company for the 21st century? And for this Sven Göth would like to sharpen your awareness for change with his lecture – what will drive us in the future and which competences do you need in your company to remain competitive in the long term.

The future can be so simple.
The future offers new opportunities and is at the same time the spectre of the present. One thing is certain: The future means change, further development and therefore transformation. Those who not only accept this, but understand it, create the competitive advantages for tomorrow today.

Companies are looking for ideas on how to secure their business model and position it for the future. But to successfully implement these steps, you need to allow new ways of thinking and new approaches. Only in this way can you bring about the development that is needed. Sven Göth shows you how disruptive thinking can move you forward and how you can anchor innovations in your company.

As a business futurist, Sven Göth works across industries to develop new and disruptive business models and ideation processes that will be relevant to companies and institutions in five to ten years. The findings of him and his team are the basis for decisions in business, politics and society.

More than 200 lectures in front of more than 250,000 people in over 200 companies, teaching at European universities and colleges, more than a dozen company foundations, ongoing consulting and coaching activities and always new impulses and inspiration for business and society...

In his lectures and consultations, the expert for transformation and change, keynote speaker and business futurist Sven Göth makes it forcefully clear why companies should already initiate change processes and innovations for the future in order to secure the decisive competitive advantages for the years to come.

To this end, Sven Göth brings an enormous amount of experience from over 15 years of futurology, business and strategy consulting. Get the perspectives from over 1000 companies on your stage and in your processes.

Sven Göth is further a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Vienna, Senior Executive Partner at the management consultancy Allfoye, CIO at the Institute of Culinary Art, Advisory Board Member at Management Circle and Brand Ambassador at Explain.

As you can see: The future can be so simple.



Sven Göth

Sven Göth Redner Digitalisierung - Kundenwelten der Zukunft

Sven Göth

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