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Sascha Lobo

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Sascha Lobo: The Internet - What's Next?

Sascha Lobo, the blogger & microblogger on the Internet (blessing or curse), the flash in the pan and the things he calls work.

Sascha Lobo, born in 1975, studied social and business communication at the University of the Arts in Berlin. He works as an author and strategy consultant specializing in the Internet and brand communication for clients such as Deutsche Messe, the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and VW.

With various co-authors (Holm Friebe, Kathrin Passig, NEON), Sascha Lobo has written non-fiction books on the topics of work, the Net and society. In 2010 he published his first novel "Strohfeuer". For the community blog, he received the Grimme Online Award in 2006, the Erik Reger Literature Prize (sponsorship award) and other awards.

Keynotes and lecture topics on digitalization by Sascha Lobo:

Internet and net economy
How does the net work and what impact does that have on digital business models? What role does platform capitalism play and what strategies can be used to master this new economic principle? From the principles of the net economy to the rules in marketing and communication on the net to the strengths and weaknesses of digital corporations: what you need to know to really understand the digital economy.

Understanding digitization
Digitization, digital revolution, digital transformation, however you spell the change, networking is changing society and the economy as profoundly as it is rapidly. This topic area includes how transformation is impacting individual industries, what the relevant drivers are, and the patterns by which this is happening.

Future and Trends
Almost everyone agrees that the future is digital and connected. But how exactly are society and the economy evolving? Which technologies will become big and decisive, and which will barely make it past a few headlines? The presentations in this thematic area describe how we will live, work and act, how the potential of this change can - and sometimes must - be exploited.

Artificial Intelligence - the next stage of digitalization and how to meet it.
The breakthrough of Artificial Intelligence has been announced for a very long time. But now the social and economic impact is apparent, which even experts do not always overlook. This talk places AI in the context of digitization, explains the principles and industry dynamics of digital corporations, and illustrates how Artificial Intelligence is at once underestimated and overestimated. And yet it is changing the world.

Digital health and the Internet of the body - e-health and smart everything are just the beginning
Digital networking is getting ever closer to the body. In the process, data is accumulating that previously seemed immeasurable. From disease prognosis and diagnosis to occupational safety and insurance, the most obvious dimensions of evaluation alone are enough. But the presentation takes this transformation even further - because hardly any industry will change itself and life more in the coming years than the digitized healthcare industry.

NEW WORK: Much more than the office in your jacket pocket - How the world of work is changing as a result of digitization and how to respond to it
The transformation of the world of work is obvious, but still not easy to understand in its full implications. The coming impacts range from employer branding to digital education and infrastructure to real estate. This talk highlights the enormous challenge ahead for the country, the continent, the world, and explains the essential investment and education tasks for businesses, policymakers and civil society.

From Bitcoin to AI - the future of finance - How digital connectivity is impacting finance and insurance.
Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Monero are often discussed - even though hardly anyone has yet understood what the "blockchain" behind them really means. From the end of banks to the unregulable rule of finance, almost all possible scenarios are conjured up - often without taking into account what has been learned so far about decentralization, platforms and FinTech. The lecture outlines the current state of affairs, explains advantages and disadvantages in a generally understandable way, and provides assessments of developments in the coming years.

The Internet and the Digital Society
Social Media and Web 2.0 - Future and Trends of the Digital World

Communication and strategy

Public and media - brand communication and advertising

Sascha Lobo lectures on the digital world from social media to digital work processes for companies such as Siemens, Lufthansa and Wincor Nixdorf. Since January 2011, he has been writing the weekly column "Mensch-Maschine" on Spiegel Online.

The digitalization of the economy, culture and society is one of the greatest challenges of our time. That is why Sascha Lobo has made it his mission to contribute to the understanding of the digital sphere, especially with his lectures. The focus is on the transformation of the economy through the various aspects of digitalization, from virtualization to social media, from Big Data to artificial intelligence.

In addition to his journalistic activities, Sascha Lobo also works as an entrepreneur with his own projects and ventures around digitization. In most cases, he is concerned with putting the insights he has gained about the digital sphere into practice. The most important project vehicle for this is the Fortschrittsfabrik, which he founded with Christoph Kappes.

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