Sarah Lewandowski

Sarah Lewandowski

Expert Artificial Intelligence, Generative AI & digital Transformation

Speaker biography

Sarah Lewandowski is a recognized and award-winning leader at the forefront of digital transformation, innovation and artificial intelligence.

She is a pioneer of digital transformation. She started at a Swiss Post joint venture. After various positions, including CFO for the German Group company, as well as international positions in Switzerland and France, she moved to IT consulting at Reply, where she built up the Digital Transformation team. With more than a decade of experience, Sarah Lewandowski has been recognized for her pioneering work in building teams and leading projects in these forward-looking areas.

Sarah Lewandowski Presentation topics

  • How you can start the Gen AI journey with your company
  • The potential of AI and generative AI for companies
  • Generative AI – The holy grail of automation?
  • Gen AI – New technologies in transition and increasing value creation
  • Rethinking technology: from rule-based automation to hyperautomation
  • What does the future hold in terms of new technologies and the convergence of technologies leading to technological leaps?

As an experienced thought leader, Sarah’s track record speaks volumes. From her influential role leading Bayer’s IT technology innovation team for new technologies to her instrumental role in establishing Reply’s digital transformation division, she has left an indelible mark.

Her consulting work for industry giants such as Merck, Vorwerk and Mercedes underlines her ability to deliver tangible results.

At Bayer, Sarah Lewandowski is revolutionizing innovation methods and shaping the future with her visionary leadership. Since 2023, she has led Bayer’s generative AI team, expanding its impact globally and bringing the company to the forefront of AI-driven innovation.

In addition to her entrepreneurial activities, Sarah is also active in boardrooms and lecture halls. She is a board member of the Vodafone Enterprise Plenum and shares her knowledge as a lecturer at the renowned Graduate School Rhein Neckar.

Sarah Lewandowski’s adaptability is evident in her talks, where she tailors her insights to the interests and needs of her audience. Whether she is addressing the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), developing strategies for innovation or charting a course for businesses in the digital age, Sarah’s talks captivate and inspire.

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Sarah Lewandowski an der Hybrid Cloud Summit 2022 - Labs on Edge – Innovation im Pflanzenschutz mit einer hybriden Machine Learning Pipeline
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