Sabine Hübner

Sabine Hübner

Expert Service Excellence & Customer success

Speaker biography

If you want to improve service, you have to move people – Sabine Hübner can do just that. She is passionate about service. You can see, hear and feel it. Her trademarks: sharp wit, clear words, XXL glasses and a big heart. Sabine Hübner is the service performance consultant for the top players in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Her industry diversity is unique. For her, intelligent services, smart processes and empathetic human moments always go hand in hand. With her forwardservice team, the entrepreneur stands for empowerment and establishes service attitudes at all levels with her own tools. As an opinionated speaker, she fascinates on large and small stages. She reaches employees and management.

Sabine Hübner’s presentations are a skillful blend of outstanding technical expertise, memorable examples and a lot of humor. They strike a chord with the audience, create a spirit of optimism and inspire a change of perspective and a new, sustainable service culture both internally and externally. Sabine Hübner has received several awards, was voted „Speaker of the Year“ and is included in the list of the 100 best trainers and influencers. In her books, current blogs and podcasts, she powerfully pushes the reflection of the business factor service in the digital world. She is „the No. 1 service expert“ (ProSieben).

Sabine Hübner Lecture topics

  • Service in the digital age. Digital or personal? Why OR?!
  • Service culture means a head start. Because attitude cannot be copied
  • Service makes the difference. How customers become happy and companies become successful
  • Strikingly different. Surprisingly better. Delighting customers with intelligent service concepts
  • Service happiness. With magical moments right into the customer’s heart
  • The power of empathy. Those who empathize win. Creating unforgettable „human moments“ with genuine
    „human moments“.
  • Service happiness in KPIs. Measuring service performance correctly and managing it effectively

Their credo: „Service is not a project. Service is an attitude.“

Interactive presentations – The format in a small, exclusive circle.

Some service topics are best dealt with in a small, exclusive circle. Sabine Hübner allows closeness to guests. She enters into the discussion and creates authentic situations, characterized by expertise and cordiality. If you like: Ask! Ask questions! Tell your story!

Sabine Hübner takes up your thoughts. She starts a results-oriented dialogue with you, and she has answers.

Sabine Hübner fascinates even on big stages. Because she knows what she is talking about. With her, clarity meets Austrian charm, professionalism meets empathy, and creativity meets consistency. She shakes up the audience with her sparkling passion for service. With fresh ideas, wit and substance, she makes service aspects come alive and inspires her listeners to change their perspective and create a new, extraordinary service culture. She allows closeness to the audience, enters into discussions and creates authentic situations, characterized by expertise and cordiality.

Sabine Hübner takes her audience on an exciting, humorous and professional lecture journey – peppered with new aspects around excellent service of the future. And she is enthusiastic about conjuring up special moments in the encounter with the customer. It quickly becomes clear that those who serve wisely always end up serving themselves.

All in all, her presentations reach employees and management. They strike a chord with the audience, create an atmosphere of optimism and motivate to top performance.

Management consultant

What is close to her heart? Enthusiastic customers. And that always starts with the employee. For years, Sabine Hübner has skillfully combined her wealth of experience as an entrepreneur with her technical expertise in consulting. She supports companies in focusing on the customer and anchoring a strong service mindset in the corporate culture. In her in-house projects, she puts the „customer glasses“ on employees and managers and provides impetus for a permanent development and change process. She makes service deserts visible and helps transform them into oases. Her way of working: Motivating, pragmatic and strong in implementation. Employees, companies – and their customers – benefit from her creativity and the high, practice-oriented utility value of her strategies.

The result: a service attitude that makes a real difference in the competitive environment.

Thought leader and trend scout

Sabine Hübner analyzes companies from all over the world: Why are individual companies strikingly better than others? What services do they use to win over their customers? How do they create innovative service WOWs in the digital age?

For years, Sabine Hübner has been tracking down the customer needs of tomorrow as a service trend scout. She observes technological, social and economic processes and transfers these to the rapidly changing service demands. Her impulses are groundbreaking for every service offensive.

In short: innovative and convincing service concepts. Those who rely on Sabine Hübner are quickly one step ahead of the competition.

Good reasons for Sabine Hübner

Real substance – an entrepreneur who knows what she is talking about. She has been an impressive entrepreneur in business for almost 25 years.

Brain meets heart – She packs hard facts in a charming, entertaining, brain-friendly way. The audience is enthusiastic, the practical transfer succeeds all the easier.

Diversity with focus – Service culture works everywhere. Sabine Hübner knows all the important industries and offers answers that hit the mark.

A flair for the essential – She gets straight to the point, puts her finger in the wound and provides recipes for solving even tricky situations.

Service in the DNA – From a small family hotel in Austria out into the big wide world. Service culture has always been part of her life and became her calling.

Safe investment – She ensures motivated employees and thus enthusiastic customers. Sabine Hübner pays off, today and especially tomorrow.

Sabine Hübner is a book author and university lecturer – substance for service innovation and service management.

Service and communication are close to Sabine Hübner’s heart. She researches, talks and writes about them. She is a university lecturer for service management and an author of business books. Renowned publishing houses have published 16 business bestsellers and numerous specialist publications. All of her publications provide valuable suggestions and innovative examples that pave the way – toward a service culture that is lived. They change many people’s understanding of service in the long term.

Your benefit: Trends, tips and inspiration on a sound basis. Useful for managers, entrepreneurs and employees in whose business service quality is of crucial importance. And for whom isn’t that the case?



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