Reinhard Dischner

Reinhard Dischner

Expert on Leadership, Branding, Execution & Corporate Management

Speaker biography

Reinhard Dischner is a visionary manager, a passionate doer, but above all he is one thing: human. His clients are corporate boards, managing directors, entrepreneurs, marketing and sales teams, as well as young academics who are making their first experiences as managers.

As the son of an entrepreneur, Reinhard Dischner (born in 68) was also born with this gene. After studying economics in Germany and Spain, he began his career as the youngest trainee and then shop manager at Peek & Cloppenburg. He made the leap to international terrain at GAP Inc. in the USA. He enjoyed further education at Columbia University, NYC (USA) and at IMD in Lausanne (CH).

He has already been able to contribute his „people, product and process excellence“ to the sporting goods manufacturer PUMA for more than 18 years in top management, turning it into a legendary success story: As General Manager SportStyle, he helped the „cat“ from the rummage table to the catwalks of the world. He led a multicultural, global team in all core markets: From America to Europe/Africa to the Far East.

Reinhard Dischner Lecture topics:

Changing times needs changing people:

  • How visionary management helps to manoeuvre safely through a crisis
  • Why passion is the right driver
  • Why human values are more important today than ever before

Globalization – NuWork – Multiculturalism – How do we deal with it?

  • Globalization brings new challenges in the workforce – how do we deal with it?
  • NuWork – what makes generations xyz tick?
  • How do human values help us to meet these challenges?

He likes to describe himself as „glocal“ (global and local) and has no problem with being called „value conservative“. This is also how Reinhard Dischner has always managed to stay true to his values.

As a father of two boys, he has experienced the generational leap from baby boomers to generations XYZ live and knows what he is talking about – professionally and privately.

As a private equity advisor and professional keynote speaker, Reinhard Dischner loves to share his expertise with a wider audience.



Reinhard Dischner - Manager Macher Mensch
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