Rebecca Freitag

Rebecca Freitag

Sustainability Expert, Future Architect and Political Entrepreneur

Speaker biography

Rebecca Freitag: Always keeping an eye on our sustainable future. Rebecca Freitag is a Sustainability Expert, Future Architect, Voice of Youth, Guardian for Future Generations and Political Entrepreneur.

As a former UN youth delegate and sought-after speaker, Rebecca knows the big stages of the world, but also the small discussion groups in companies, schools and organizations.

Rebecca Freitag has given young people a voice at the United Nations and advocated for the implementation of the UN’s 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals, (SDGs for short) in a wide variety of institutions. From the German Bundesbank, to ministries, innovation congresses, businesses, and workshops at youth camps, she has inspired people for a sustainable future.

Speaking Topics Rebecca Freitag

  • Walk the Talk – Sustainable Entrepreneurship.
  • Climate Protection & Sustainability – Where do the dangers lie for a failure of the climate goals.
  • Crises reveal weaknesses: Environmental, Social & Business Risks and Analysis.
  • Sustainability & Climate Change are not fads, trends or buzzwords – Change Management in Business, Society & Politics.
  • Climate change is the answer. But what was the question? The Future of Sustainability.

Climate change is the answer. But what was the question? Rethinking business, society and politics.

In her conviction that everyone has a role to play in the upcoming transformation, Rebecca Freitag communicates her topics in a target group-specific way, and points out „best practices“, fields of action and possibilities for implementation. She reminds leading decision makers at CNN or the closing speech of the UN Conference on the Environment to top political and economic decision makers of their responsibility for a sustainable future.

Rebecca Freitag – Walk the Talk for Climate Protection, Sustainability & Change Management in Business.

A holistic approach is essential for Rebecca Freitag, which is why she captures perspectives on a sustainable future in exchange with various groups in society – at scientific conferences, in schools or with indigenous people in the rainforest. She moved between street activism and the international package, with the international „All in for Climate Action“ campaign she initiated and led. Together with 1.5 million supporters from 90 countries, she made the current youth movements heard at the UN Climate Summit.

A holistic approach to the issues of sustainability and shaping the future is evident not only in the diversity of actors with whom Rebecca Freitag interacts, but also in her ability to make the necessary connections between issues. Thanks to her countless presentations on various key topics and her academic position at a university where she is designing a new interdisciplinary course on sustainable development, she is familiar with sustainable social and economic systems and subtopics such as sustainable finance, sustainable business models, mobility, energy, education, nutrition, gender equality, and climate protection. She manages to put these issues into the big picture.

How can each and every individual help shape the transformation ahead?

As a sought-after voice of younger generations, Rebecca Freitag takes a young critical perspective on future issues and shares trends, perspectives and opportunities from the perspective of the young global generation. In 2012, Rebecca Freitag’s involvement with sustainable issues began. At that time, as a bicycle activist, she contributed to the success of the bicycle referendum, which resulted in the first mobility law.

Her belief that transformation must happen from all sides makes her not only a political entrepreneur, but also a connoisseur of sustainable business models.

Rebecca Freitag founded the Global Impact Alliance, a coalition of „purpose-driven“ companies that are already exemplifying solutions. Her talks thrive on these practical examples that companies are already implementing for tomorrow’s world.

„Walk the talk“ is not only her clear message to her audience, but her own motto. She produced a podcast on renewable energy, is creating a climate game and, as an ambassador for the rights of future generations, is working on a project to institutionalize these rights politically.

Rebecca Freitag speaks about what she believes in. Her passion captivates audiences, arouses curiosity, inspires enthusiasm and inspires them to take action themselves. Rebecca’s keynotes are motivational impulses that take you on a journey, filled with big picture knowledge, compelling stories and interdisciplinary references, tailored for your audience and available in German or English.



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