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Rafael Fuchsgruber

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Rafael Fuchsgruber: Goals are locomotives.

In his spectacular lectures and TV appearances, globetrotter Rafel Fuchsgruber describes very impressively what it means to approach change with great curiosity. How to get back into action after defeats and find the chance to learn and to start anew. How similar these situations are in sports, in business and/or in private life, he describes very closely in his keynotes.

Rafael Fuchsgruber is able to convey these connections in a lively, impressive and exciting way and also offer transfer solutions to our daily lives. Rafael Fuchsgruber knows from many personal experiences the way and how to deal with crises.

„People often experience similar strokes of fate in their lives. What comes out of it is often different and thus shows: The decision about success and failure lies in ourselves.“

Rafael Fuchsgruber Lecture Topics

  • Willpower: Focusing on the goal and achieving it despite adversity.
  • Sport & Business – Being successful through persistence and eloquence
  • Focus on success; The desert is not an obstacle
  • Motivation and resilience through personal responsibility, courage & goal setting
  • The positive mindset: clear goal setting. Planning. Implementation.

Impressive photos and film clips of his big races (produced by ARD/ZDF) or his 1,000 kilometer crossing of the Namib Desert, with his life partner Tanja Schönenborn, accompany his lectures. A lot of spectacular things can be seen and heard. On the other hand, the audience experiences in simple three-minute exercises with Rafael Fuchsgruber, how mental training can be used to train mindset, goal formulation and achievement.

„In the desert, I learned that the solution is the important thing – not the problem. The brain can be trained to focus on the solution – like a muscle. And that’s where motivation and resilience sit.“

Fuchsgruber is an ultramarathon ambassador and a cultural cosmopolitan. He is the owner of a concert agency and a music publishing company. In the concert business, Rafael Fuchsgruber works with Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Die Fantastischen 4 or Ed Sheeran.

Fuchsgruber has a lot to tell: He has run around the world twice, has written 5 books about it and is the proud owner of a life of hard breaks. In his early 40s, he’s at the end of his rope. Alcoholic. He is in the hospital with a suspected heart attack. An important turning point in his life. It is the start of a new phase in his life. He goes through withdrawal and has been sober for 18 years.

Rafael Fuchsgruber starts running and exactly 10 years later wins the Ultra Desert Race over 250km in Namibia or the ISRU – a race at the hottest place in the world: Dasht-e Lut desert in Iran. Further top 3 finishes make him the most successful German runner in the deserts of this world and one of the most successful athletes in his age group worldwide. After studying psychology in the 80s, he used the past year to complete certified trainings as a mental trainer and as a systemic coach (Institute INeKO a.d. University of Cologne) and can successfully convey this knowledge on topics such as change management and goal formulation or goal achievement.

His credo: „Goals are like locomotives that pull their solutions behind them“ (Steve de Shazer).

Rafael Fuchsgruber is a welcome guest in various TV formats. He is currently a talk guest with Tanja Schönenborn on Judith Rakers and Giovanni di Lorenzo in the TV talk show „3nach9“ on NDR. In early 2022, ARD will broadcast a 90min. Documentary on the 1,000 km crossing of Namibia. The current book „Running wild in Afrika“ was published on September 10, 2021. Rafael Fuchsgruber is a welcome guest in various TV formats, such as „Markus Lanz“, „ZDF-Sportreportage“, SAT1 News, RTL Nachtjournal and the ARD/ZDF Morgenschiene.



Extremläufer Rafael Fuchsgruber

Rafael Fuchsgruber & Tanja Schönenborn zum Wüstenlauf

Rafael Fuchsgruber - Der Redner

Vom Partykönig zum Ultramarathonläufer

Imagefilm Rafael Fuchsgruber Vortragsredner, Sportler, Autor

The Track - 520 Kilometer Outback

Extremläufer Tanja Schönenborn und Rafael Fuchsgruber zum Wüstenlauf // 3nach9

Rafael Fuchsgruber bei Markus Lanz

Rafael Fuchsgruber bei 3 nach 9
Extremläufer Tanja Schönenborn und Rafael Fuchsgruber zum Wüstenlauf // 3nach9
Rafael Fuchsgruber bei 3 nach 9


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