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Philip Keil: Maximum thrust for your success: lead confidently, decide clearly

Philip Keil: Maximum thrust for your success: lead confidently, decide clearly. The team makes the difference.

More than 9'000 flying hours, thousands of take offs and landings on four continents. And one flight, that changed his life…

Philip Keil attracts his audience with impressive experiences and valuable expert knowledge. Because he speaks about subjects, that make the difference between crash and landing on the dot, on the ground alike: How do I lead myself and my team under turbulence? What are the characteristics of a perfectly tuned crew?

Well-respected trade associations, hidden champions and global corporations trust this hands-on knowhow.

Being a highly-experienced airline pilot and an international well-demanded keynote speaker, Philip Keil is among the most extraordinary speaking professionals. He trains manager in the flight simulator, is an author and a frequently demanded expert in the media, such as RTL German television, hr and “Die Welt”.

Keynote Topics of Pilot Philip Keil:

Crash or landing on the dot? The team makes the difference.

The training of professional pilots is just 10% about the flying skills. The remaining 90% is about leadership competencies such as problem solving, effective teamwork and managerial responsibility. Apart from strict hierarchy, crews nowadays are required to react promptly and coordinated to changing situations. In the “company-cockpit” likewise!
• What make teams often fail and which NASA tools every “captain” should know
• How you lead target-focused and decide confidently during turbulence
• Which cockpit methods stimulates your crew to peak performance

Maximum thrust for your success: lead confidently, communicate clearly.

In this motivating keynote, Philip Keil combines surprising findings of the NASA research with his own experiences of more than 9'000 flying hours on four continents. He produces bright pictures and inspires his audience, to define new team goals and individual standards.
• How you quickly identify and learn from mistakes in your business cockpit
• No more “radio silence”: how you will from now on communicate more effectively and always stay in the information loop
• At what point experience becomes a threat and how you can benefit from this knowledge

The strategies of professional pilots for decisions under pressure.

Philip Keil has experienced, how essential (for survival) concrete strategies are in challenging situations. In this enthralling keynote, the pilot opens the cockpit door for his audience. What actually happens, when an emergency case requires immediate action?
• What you can adopt from pilots to make confident decisions
• Anticipatory acting: How you always stay “ahead of the airplane”
• How the most important button inside a cockpit will change your heading likewise

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Philip Keil

Decision Points - Die Herausforderungen des Lebens

Philip Keil

Crash oder Punktlandung?

Philip Keil

Triff Entscheidungen: So gelingt es Dir in nur wenigen Sekunden


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