Oliver Heer

Oliver Heer

Solo Sailor, Athlete & Adventurer

Speaker biography

Professional offshore sailor Oliver Heer will compete in the 2024 Vendee Globe Race. A solo, unassisted, non-stop, circumnavigation of the globe! More people have been in space than completed this lap of the planet.

Oliver Heer is a successful Swiss athlete from the lake of Zurich, who, after graduating from university in International Management and a stint in the corporate sector, followed his dream to become a professional sailor and established himself at the highest level of offshore racing. He competed in some of the biggest offshore sailing events in every corner of the world.

Oliver Heer Lecture topics

  • Risk Management
  • Goal setting to make your toughest challenge manageable
  • Staying motivated in seemingly impossible situations
  • Decision making in a challenging environment
  • Mental health, strength and resilience
  • Isolation VS. Loneliness
  • Carbon neutrality and sustainability

Having the world’s oceans as his office, he is used to risking it all and pushing it relentlessly to the limit in the harshest of environments while being isolated from the rest of the world. Performing right on the edge over extended periods of time, his experience and mental strength enables him to feel comfortable outside his comfort zone.

Apart from the competitive aspect, he also uses the sailing platform to promote sustainability, address climate change and the move towards carbon neutrality.

Oliver’s extraordinary communication skills and an ability to engage with the audience, small or large, enables him to share first-hand his experiences and challenges he faces while alone at sea in a entertaining manner.

With a diverse range of topics, Oliver enjoys talking about navigating challenging environments and how to reach your goals with resilience and determination. Spending a lot of time in complete isolation on his boat, he knows what it takes to stay motivated in the most difficult of circumstances and how to set your goals that even a seemingly impossible challenge becomes manageable.

Although his sport takes place far away from today’s corporate world, his stories and experiences are highly relatable and leave the audience on the edge of their seat.



Oliver Heer - Solo around the world
Oliver Heer - Route du Rhum Solo Qualifier
Team update from the boat in Port la Forêt
Oliver Heer in interview
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