Norbert Hillinger

Norbert Hillinger

Trendscout, Futurist & Innovation-Expert

Speaker biography

Norbert Hillinger: Innovation is the oxygen for the survival of companies.

Norbert Hillinger studied journalism and corporate communications at the FH Joanneum in Graz, but shortly after graduating he realized that he wanted to use his passion for asking questions and questioning statements not in a professional career as a journalist, but in the world of trend and futurology research.

After graduating, Austrian-born Norbert Hillinger worked for seven years in various functions for the trend research company TrendONE in Hamburg and Berlin before setting up his own business as an innovation consultant in 2013. Since then, he has worked for companies in the financial services, retail and entertainment sectors.

Norbert Hillinger Lecture topics

- FANTASTIC REALITY: How we shape our Future?
- The future in retail: How will we shop tomorrow?
- The digital workplace: How will we work tomorrow?
- Pop-up stores & concept stores: More sales through retail innovations
- Global trend scouting: Always ahead of the times or behind the market?

As co-founder of the Viennese new work startup GDOS Playroomrocks GmbH, Norbert Hillinger is experienced in moderating trend and creative workshops and trained in the application of various co-creation and innovation methods.

His clients include Hollywood studios such as Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros, Deutsche Bank, Red Bull and H&M, as well as large consulting firms, which he supports in the areas of trend scouting, strategic foresight and innovation management.

TED Speaker Norbert Hillinger is a frequent speaker at international congresses and customer events on future topics and has been running the Berlin Retail Tour service for several years, where he invites international retailers to the German capital to visit various concept and pop-up stores as well as innovation hubs and start-ups in a learning journey.

With short interruptions Norbert Hillinger worked in the Foresight Team of 2b AHEAD ThinkTank GmbH during the last years. He organized international Learning Journeys to Silicon Valley, served as Head of Foresight for a short period of time and led various future vision and future study projects in this context. In the course of these activities, he dove deep into financial services and healthcare topics and conducted numerous in-depth interviews with international industry experts and futurists.

In addition to his work for Themis Foresight, Norbert Hillinger is primarily involved in the education sector with a focus on reskilling and upskilling. In 2020 he supported the edtech scale-up ThePowerMBA and since mid-2021 he is building and expanding the enterprise network for the international IT bootcamp provider Ironhack in Germany.



Norbert Hillinger

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