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Nicole Heimann: Building Leadership Alliances for the New Time.

Nicole Heimann – Impacting millions of lives for the better through working with the boards, CEOs and the C-Suite on strong and authentic leadership alliances. On this mission, Nicole takes you on a journey by challenging the status quo, leaving you enriched with deep insights and simplified solutions.

Nicole Heimann is the Founder and Co-CEO of Heimann Cvetkovic & Partners AG, an award-winning Boutique Executive Advisory Firm of world’s leading experts in leadership alliances. The company has won the Global Excellence Award as the Best Executive Coaching & Advisory Firm in Switzerland 2021.

Nicole Heimann Speaking Topics

Nicole Heimann speaks at conferences all over the world to challenge the status quo and inspire and educate executives at the top of organizations why authentic leadership at the top is crucial. Authentic leadership is the doorway to elevating consciousness and this is a prerequisite to leaving an impressive legacy of visionary leadership with a ripple effect beyond the own organization. Her keynotes are dynamic and engage the audience in a deep way.

Lead authentically, but how? Getting out of your own way.

This compelling keynote inspires your executives to lead authentically by demystifying how to set free more of the authentic leader inside. Nicole Heimann busts the myths around authentic leadership and in a passionate and thought-provoking way invites her audience to consider the value of authentic leadership and stimulate their own thinking around this important topic. Nicole takes you on a journey of integrating the Seven Dimensions of Leadership Intelligence in an enlightening way. Authentic Leaders are more effective, more influential and more inspiring. Through the dynamic nature of the keynote, your executives will discover how they stand in their own way of being authentic. They will be inspired to implement actions from their insights which will make a positive difference in their leadership and ultimately in your organizational culture.

Working together beyond the ego – Becoming a Leadership Alliance.

In the world of virtual interactions, matrix organizations and unprecedented change, alignment has become more challenging than ever. Organizations state they do not want to operate in silos, yet struggle to find an effective way to prevent them. Leaders aim to stay connected and aligned, yet they struggle to find an effective way to do so. Leaders hate company politics, yet believe it is not possible to survive a corporate culture without it. In her lighthearted and authentic style, Nicole Heimann challenges collective belief systems and opens up her audience to new perspectives. Rich with anecdotes and inspiring stories from more than two decades of working with world class executives and their teams, Nicole introduces you to the real power of Executive Team Leadership expressed as a strong and authentic Leadership Alliance. Leadership teams will gain insights into the five driving forces needed to work together beyond the ego in order to achieve greatness.

Tailor-made keynotes for your audience

In order to create the most value for your organization, Nicole designs individual in-house keynotes that are specifically tailored to your needs, wishes and intentions. Her Keynotes are dynamic, engaging and often include an interactive mini learning journey to create an even bigger impact for your audience. Depending on the desired outcome, they are anticipated by reading materials and reflective homework in advance of the keynote.

Some examples of topics related to Authentic Leadership:

LOVE: “What’s Love got to do with it?”
PURPOSE: “Discover your personal purpose and how it serves the organizational purpose”
EMPATHY: “Leading with Empathy”
CHANGE: “Are you the change you want to be in your organization?”
HAPPINESS: “Being successful AND happy – is it possible?”

Nicole Heimann has been an entrepreneur since 1999 and is a trusted Executive Advisor and a multi-award winning CEO & C-Suite Coach specialised in authentic leadership and leadership alliances. She is the author of the book “How to Develop the Authentic Leader in You – Integrating the Seven Dimensions of Leadership Intelligence” and a Keynote Speaker Authentic Leadership, Coaching Leaders from Good to Great and Leadership Alliances for Growth.

Nicole Heimann was recognized as one of the 15 World Class Mentors 2021 by IFLD (International Federation of Learning and Development), became part of the IFLD Hall of Fame and has been honored by peopleHum’s list of top 200 global Thought Leaders to follow in 2021. In 2020, she has been nominated as one of the Top 20 Learning Professionals 2020 by the IFLD and was honored with the Leading Global Coach Award 2019 by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith at the Thinkers50 in London.

Nicole Heimann has been named by IndustryWired as one of the Top 10 Most Influential Leaders 2021 and as one of the Top50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers by Thinkers360. Nicole Heimann is a member of the prestigious 100Coaches, of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and is the biographer of Dr. Marshall Goldsmith in the full feature movie documentary “The Earned Life”.

Nicole’s signature program is “The Leadership Alliance Culture Program”, designed to create an intentional desired culture to support the organization’s Purpose, Vision and Business Strategy. As an expert in Authentic Leadership, Nicole Heimann’s work has been published in Leader-to-Leader Magazine, she contributes regularly to the Swiss Online Economics Magazine, is an Associate Partner for Leadership Expertise at C-Level AG, the leading Top-Executive Community in Switzerland and an inspirational speaker at both corporate and leadership conferences.

Nicole Heimann has spent over two decades coaching and training geographically diverse teams of some of the world’s most successful companies. Her clients include large international companies with multicultural teams in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the USA, such as Alcan, Areva, BASF, Bertelsmann, Coca Cola, Constellium, Daimler Corporate Real Estate, Evonik (Global) Arvato Systems, Interapp, Jet Aviation, Metro Cash & Carry, COOP, Lufthansa Cargo, REWE Group, Takeda, Vestas, Tronox, Universitätsspital Zürich and many others global Corporate Companies.



Nicole Heimann

Working Together to Build Authentic Leadership Alliances

Nicole Heimann

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