Nicole Brandes

Nicole Brandes

Expert Future-oriented Leadership - Member of the European Future Institute

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Nicole Brandes: Business as unusual - inner strength in outer chaos.

In the field of tension between technology and people, Nicole Brandes shifts the emphasis to the human as the determining factor for the future. She supports international companies and executives to weather the storm of the fourth industrial revolution with clarity, culture and strong self-leadership. Nicole Brandes has long been a sought-after coach for top corporate executives. In her presentations, she inspires with meaningful statements on the future of leadership. As an author, she has made an important contribution to the discussion about the corporate culture of the future with the book "We-Intelligence". In early 2019, Nicole Brandes was qualified as a Top Consultant by one of the absolute best trainers in the world in the field of human potential and personal development, Bob Proctor.

Nicole Brandes studied Communication, Strategic Management and Intercultural Mediation. She speaks five languages fluently, travels the world with passion and learned the success strategies of Taosimus from Chinese Grandmasters. A former manager, she has spent more than 15 years working with the world's powerful, equipping companies with new cultural strategies and winning marketing awards. When Nicole Brandes led the on-site relief effort for the Halifax plane crash, she realized how important people-to-people encounters are to successful business leadership.

Nicole Brandes - Building Self-Esteem in a Few Steps.

Her book for women in business - Feminine, Fierce and Wise! was released in July 2019. Nicole Brandes tells her own inspiring life story and shares with her readers what she has learned about the role of women in over twenty years of coaching experience in top business. The author relies on feminine energy and the power of thought as coaching methods to free you from your fears and bring you step by step closer to your dreams. Nicole Brandes shows how to build your self-esteem in just a few steps. 

Nicole Brandes: Strong lecture topics for live & online events

- Self-Empowerment in turbulent times - The stuff pioneers are made of.
- Breakthrough instead of demolition - Living, performing and leading strongly. Being happy in uncertain times.
- JUMP! What the 5% extraordinary people do so extraordinarily. And why we should do the same.
- Plea for love - and why high tech needs high touch.

Business as unusual - inner strength in outer chaos
We want to be happy, free and successful. How do we do that in this age of stressed-out dynamics, where technology races and humans constantly feel like they're lagging behind? One of the great challenges of human beings now and in the future is to evolve not only digitally, but above all humanly. Technology is evolving rapidly, but human needs have remained the same for thousands of years. In the age of HighTech, the "human touch" and meaningfulness have become the most valuable assets for a meaningful and even happy life.

High Potential - High Performance in digital times
What is good work? This question has divided philosophers for centuries. There is the view of "instrumental" and "expressive" theories of work: work is a "means to an end" to secure our existence, or else: work is a "means to self-realization". The fact is: work is an important part of a successful life. It forms identity, conveys self-esteem. It brings us together with other people and strengthens social cohesion. It creates challenges that set learning processes in motion. It challenges and promotes our creativity and expertise. It brings us recognition and respect. If we imagine a world without work, what would we do? What would we spend our time doing? How would we be able to live out our skills and talents? And how much would that contribute to frustration? According to Aristotle, people are happiest when they can develop their abilities.

Feminine, fierce and wise
Female qualities are a key incubator for excellence in the digital age. They have been proven to make companies stronger, more agile and more profitable. Nicole Brandes knows the corporate world from an executive perspective. In this very personal and moving keynote, the former manager encourages women to discover and contribute their own awesomeness and shows approaches on what matters.

In her presentations, Nicole Brandes talks about the challenges that managers have to master in an increasingly complex environment - and how they can succeed with human competencies, meaningful identity and identity-creating meaning. Nicole Brandes is an advocate of meaning- and value-centered leadership because, especially in the era of digitalization, the longing for belonging and the "why" is becoming ever greater.

People are social, creative beings!

The future cannot be stopped. The only power that can turn the destiny is the power of a spiritual - means human revolution. Inspiration means "In Spirit", that is to be with oneself. We must become experts in humanity. Scientifically, being human is easily explained: egg, seed, DNA.

Digitality & Humanity: How the digital transformation makes the human element more and more important.



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