Nicola Fritze

Nicola Fritze

Encourager for Change, Speaker, Author, Podcaster & Coach

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Encouraging change

Nicola Fritze: Change – Motivation – Creativity

With her unmistakably rousing and activating style, Nicola Fritze has been one of the most sought-after speakers in the German-speaking world since 2001. The extraordinary closeness to the audience, her liveliness, the many inspiring interactions and the high density of immediately applicable impulses make her presentation a highlight at employee and customer events. Her humorous style is shaped by several years of intensive stage experience with improvisational theater on various stages in Berlin.

Nicola Fritze took over responsibility for her team in a dialog marketing company as a manager at the age of 27.

Nicola Fritze supplemented her experience in sales and as a manager with extra-occupational postgraduate studies in organizational psychology. In the course of founding her own company in 2001, she continued to develop her skills in integrative coaching, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), systemic coaching and clinical hypnosis.

Nicola Fritze has been regularly producing podcasts since 2006 and has published several books.

Nicola Fritze lecture topics

  • Lecture „Just do it!“

This interactive lecture invites you to take action outside your comfort zone. Through amazing experiments, the audience learns how enriching experiences beyond our routines are. Thinking, behavior and perception are set in motion. A lecture that activates: to do and to laugh.

  • Lecture „Letting go is the new tackling! This is how change succeeds.“

We can’t engage with the new if we still believe in the old. And if change is to succeed, we have to pick up people with their emotions and focus on the very central WHY. Everyone in the audience experiences their personal ability to change already during Nicola Fritze’s lecture through interactions.

  • Lecture „Tingling in the head! Experience Creativity.“

The creativity of the employees in the company is a central driving force for the success and future viability of a company. In this interactive keynote, you will experience creativity instead of just listening. You will be given practical tools for immediate application. Tingling in the head guaranteed – take the first step for your head start!

  • Lecture: „Motivate yourself! No one else will.“

Never before have we known so much about motivation as we do today. But unfortunately we fail again and again in the implementation of our knowledge. We lack the courage to change! This activating lecture explains why this is the case and how it is possible to actively tackle change. In a winking way, a mirror is held up to us and we are invited to self-reflection. Enriched with amazing experiments that get our thinking, behavior and perception going.

Nicola Fritze: Just do it.



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