Nadine Dlouhy

Nadine Dlouhy

Expert for strategic brand management, positioning and goal-oriented leadership

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Nadine Dlouhy: Quality is non-negotiable.

Nadine Dlouhy is a top expert for strategic brand development & positioning, has been leading BrandLite GmbH for 20 years and has accompanied 46 companies in 35 countries. She is co-author of "Erfolg geht anders" and lecturer at the Fresenius University of Applied Science for "Digital Innovation", "Strategic Management", "Media Management", with a focus on automotive and mobility. She is a sought-after expert in the public media, such as n-tv and wirtschaft-tv.

Nadine Dlouhy: "Think Smart. Think Human. Think Innovation!"

As a business mentor for brands, companies and people, speaker Nadine Dlouhy knows that implemented communication creates facts and leads to significant increases in sales and value of up to 50%. In an increasingly competitive market of price and product equality, the image of a brand, a company, but also of people, is becoming more and more the all-important economic force.

For brand expert Nadine Dlouhy, people are success and innovation factor No.1 and she lectures with her expertise since 2019 at the Fresenius University of Applied Science, "Digital Innovation" and "Strategic Management".

Nadine Dlouhy Lecture Topics

Quality is non-negotiable. Nadine Dlouhy leads companies into the future. With strategy, clear positioning, communication, technology and innovation. Words on Fire. Keynotes with burning business topics. Words that move - touching head and heart.

Are you wondering where the loss of importance of tangible facts and empty talk comes from? The answer is simple: It is fear of the truth. This reality is opposed by a fundamental fact: The truth is reasonable for human beings. According to this credo, positioning expert Nadine Dlouhy attacks fiery topics that occupy business and people.

Leadership Branding.
How to develop your company into a leadership brand. Learn how to reposition yourself and your company as a leader in a new and visible way in this presentation by Nadine Dlouhy.Leadership Branding: Successfully shaping the future with the right strategy.

The new power of the brand.
How to use your image factor as a purchasing-deciding economic force. Learn in this presentation by Nadine Dlouhy how to reposition yourself and your company as a leader in a new and visible way. Leadership Branding: Successfully shaping the future with the right strategy.

Design Your Life. Design you.
How to use Life Design to successfully shape your life and your company. Nadine Dlouhy motivates you and gives you the right mindset on how to easily achieve your life goals with optimized planning. The secret: Life Design.

Speaker Nadine Dlouhy: Image. Power. Success.
Success has many faces. The question is which one you want to look at. Do you see success in what you are or in what you have created? Factors that determine our lives... time, money, power, quality, agility - to achieve what? What are your goals? What fulfills you and makes you happy? What makes you special? What is your life focused on? Nadine Dlouhy believes in common sense. Unfortunately, this has been lost to us due to social expectations and guidelines. We are stuck in rigid conventions and are supposed to change the world from this position. Impossible. Gain insight into her "human" mindset - strategies that have guided her on her path to success.

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Nadine Dlouhy

Strategie hinter digitalen Medien.

Nadine Dlouhy

Image. Macht. Erfolg.

Nadine Dlouhy

Design Your Life.

Nadine Dlouhy

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