Marga Hoek

Marga Hoek

Expert in Sustainability & Economy

Speaker biography

Marga Hoek is a leading authority on sustainable business, having worked as the CEO of several esteemed companies and provided her knowledge as an advisory board member. Formerly the founding CEO of Dutch Sustainable Business, Marga has worked with over 200 small to large-sized corporate companies enhancing and accelerating sustainability strategies. Now booked as a sustainability speaker, Marga covers a variety of topics ranging from sustainable investments to sustainable innovation.

Marga Hoek Lecture Topics

  • Sustainable business and capital
  • 4th industial revolution and its accelerating power for a sustainable world
  • Sustainable Development Goals and their impact on the world, countries, business and capital
  • The role of business leaders for society (for CEO’s and Chairman)
  • Sustainable / impact investment and finance and all related services
  • Leadership of sustainable transformations and change by government, business and science
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Sustainable innovation and digitalization
  • Macro economic sustainable development

Ranked as one of the Top 30 New Management Thinkers in the World by Thinkers 50, Marga is best known as the founder of Dutch Sustainable Business. She has also been the CEO of Thunnissen and Gemeente Haarlemmermeer, the Board Chairman of the Sustainable Science Association and Vice Board Chairman of SUSI Partners- specialising in clean energy. She has also been on the council of Earth Capital and a Board of Directors member of BAM Women. Outside of business, Martha has also become a published author, with titles such as The Trillion Dollar Shift and New Economy Business.

  • Global Voice for G20, G7 Climate Change & Cop 23
  • Ranked as one of the Top 30 New Management Thinkers in the World by Thinkers 50
  • Founder of Dutch Sustainable Business
  • Former CEO of Thunnissen, Gemeente Haarlemmermeer & Dutch Sustainable Business
  • 2019 Gold Award for Best International Business Book, Sustainability

Understanding the commercial realities of business, Marga is able to advise organisations on how they can have sustainable business at the forefront of their agendas. Having been a global voice for G7 Climate Change, G20 and Cop 23, Marga is highly respected and a leading authority contributing to The Huffington Post, Forbes and Fortune. Emphasising how technology can be used for good, Marga is bringing something new to the speaking circuit- with her viewpoints on disruptive sustainability.

Currently on several supervisory boards, Marga shares her time as a keynote sustainability speaker at various corporate events. Having previously delivered the TEDx talk ‘The SDGS, a Compass for Everyone, Anywhere’ Marga is a seasoned speaker, covering topics such as macro-economic sustainable development, sustainable investment, sustainability around the globe and more. Widely regarded as one of the best speakers on sustainable business and capital, Marga Hoek is a fantastic speaker for a range of events.



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