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Marcel Fratzscher

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Marcel Fratzscher: The Future of Economy and Society after the Crisis. The new humanism.

Professor Marcel Fratzscher is President of DIW Berlin (German Institute for Economic Research), one of Europe’s leading research institutions and a renowned “think tank” with over 300 employees. He also holds a professorship in macroeconomics and finance at Humboldt University in Berlin.

His education and professional career are linked to many years abroad and reflect his global orientation and perspective as an economist: his studies took him from Kiel (economics) via Oxford (philosophy, politics and economics) and Harvard (public policy) to the European University Institute in Florence, where Marcel Fratzscher obtained a Ph.D. in economics.

Marcel Fratzscher Speaking Topics:

- Quo vadis Europe – when will the next crisis come?
- Germany facing the acid test: how the inequality problem will affect our prosperity
- Economic opportunities and risks for Germany and Europe
- Economic aspects of the refugee crisis
- Outlook for Europe: ways out of the economic, financial and debt crisis
- The challenges for Germany and financial institutions due to the low interest rate phase
- The role of the ECB’s monetary policy and its significance for Germany and Europe
- Germany’s investment gap: why we overestimate our economy and need Europe
- An Asian Century? Economic outlook and opportunities

In 1996, Marcel Fratzscher moved to Indonesia for two years. Here he worked as a macroeconomist at the Harvard Institute for International Development, advising the Indonesian government on economic policy issues before and during the Asian crisis.

Marcel Fratzscher also worked for the Peterson Institute for International Economics and the World Bank in Washington, D.C., as well as for Mwaniki Associates in Kenya and for the Asian Development Bank in the Philippines. From 2001 to 2013, he worked for the European Central Bank, most recently as head of the International Policy Analysis Department. In 2013, he then moved to the German Institute for Economic Research in Berlin.

Marcel Fratzscher: “I argue for stronger European institutions that allow all countries to live up to their own responsibilities again.”

In the Handelsblatt Economists Ranking, Marcel Fratzscher is listed as one of the ten most productive academics, whose research has won numerous awards. In the 2014 FAZ ranking of the most influential German economists, he ranked 2nd.

Marcel Fratzscher is the author of the book “The Germany Illusion – Why We Overestimate Our Economy and Need Europe,” which was published in 2014 and quickly became a bestseller. In 2014, the German government appointed Marcel Fratzscher as chairman of the independent expert commission on “Strengthening Investment in Germany,” which submitted its report and recommendations to the German government in spring 2015.

Marcel Fratzscher’s research focuses primarily on issues related to the business cycle, investment and imbalances, European integration and monetary union, monetary policy, and global financial markets and monetary policy. In his current book, “Verteilungskampf – warum Deutschland immer ungleicher wird,” he highlights the problems for the economy and society due to high and rising inequality in Germany.



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