Lukas Haitzmann

Lukas Haitzmann

Extreme adventurer & Three-time Guinness World Record holder

Speaker biography

Lukas Haitzmann is the Guinness World record holder as the youngest person to row across any ocean solo and unassisted. At just 18 years old, Lukas set off on the epic adventure to row 3,000 miles from Europe to America.

For 59 days ‘home’ was a 7-meter-long rowing boat amongst 30-40ft waves, where most of the time, the closest people to him were astronauts on the International Space Station. His story is not just about breaking a Guinness World Record at 18 years old; it’s about shattering the limits of what’s possible.

Lukas Haitzmann lecture topics

Lukas Haitzmann’s story is full of smaller, powerful stories, each with a lesson to share. When he speaks, he picks the stories that fit best with what the audience needs to hear. While he changes them a bit to match the event, he keeps them real and true to his experiences. Here are the topics Lukas often talks about:

  • The Power of Self-Belief – Creating self-confidence to navigate and overcome challenges
  • Leading Young Talent – How to motivate and lead young professionals
  • Opportunity and Positive Action – Identifying and acting on opportunities in personal and professional life
  • Adapting to Challenges and Uncertainty – Building resilience and effective decision-making in unpredictable situations
  • Risk Management and Courage – Understanding risks and being brave enough to try new things – as individuals and as a team
  • Grit and Determination: Keys to Success – How grit and determination can lead to achieving extraordinary goals

Lukas Haitzmann brings these experiences to life, transforming his personal journey into a roadmap for success, resilience, and leadership. Each talk is a unique blend of inspiration and practical wisdom, motivating audiences to chase their dreams and break their own records.

Lukas’s story starts in a very ordinary way. He spent his younger years struggling with dyslexia making his school days cumbersome, and dreaming of the call up to the different sports teams he never quite made. Although he didn’t particularly excel in sport, it was the catalyst that gave him confidence.

He started small with his school rowing team, and grew to endurance cycling and running marathons, continually building his trust in himself. He started taking on bigger, and bolder challenges. Until that winter day in 2018 when he launched his rowboat from the shores of La Gomera fuelled only by his determination, grit and self belief.

After conquering the Atlantic, Lukas didn’t stop. He finished a degree in Mechanical Engineering and later turned his concern about ocean plastic pollution into action, founding a sustainability-focused company. As its CEO, he is at the forefront of combating environmental issues, drawing inspiration from his time at sea.

For a young man in his twenties, Lukas has an extraordinary story of willingness to achieve against all odds. He’s all about pushing limits and helping others do the same. Lukas strives to inspire others worldwide, encouraging them to find their passion and do more than just exist.



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