Liv Kraemer

Liv Kraemer

Expert in Longevity, Specialist in Dermatology, Health & Skincare

Speaker biography

As a Ph.D. Liv Kraemer has intense knowledge in the genetic, tissue engineering and medical device market.

Liv Kraemer is also a M.D. and board certified in dermatology with focus in longevity, cosmoceuticals, skincare, nutroceutical market so as in laser and preventative dermatology. After research in tissue engineering, genetics and stem cells, she worked internationally- in Europe, the UAE and the USA incl. Columbia University and the Charite Berlin.

As a KOL in the field of preventative and longevity dermatology she is well known in this industry sector and shapes the trends in her field.

Liv Kraemer Lecture topics

  • Longevity – The path to a healthy, long life
  • Can ageing be cured? – Longer life expectancy through vitality, joy and fulfilment
  • Health, nutrition, sport & lifestyle – How healthy lifestyle habits affect our age

„We can’t stop the passage of time, but we can slow down the ageing process as naturally and individually as possible.“

As an entrepreneur she proved her skills by opening her skin longevity Clinic in Zurich. With her strong knowledge in R&D she founded her longevity Dr Liv Skincare and supplement company. She is a medical advisor for different companies in the longevity, healthcare and nutraceutical industry, she also does consultancy for different VC and financial institutions.

With her strong social media presents on Tiktok, Instagram and Youtube she became an influencer in her field and a speaker, University teacher (Charité Berlin) and adviser in the field of social media in medicine, healthcare & AI, supplements and skincare ingredients.

With her extensive network, she founded tin the past he Swiss-Women-Foundation with the aim of supporting local women in need by creating a strong network within a female community. Liv Kraemer has a special way of bridging different domains. She inspires her students and peers by explaining the most complicated topics on a very well understandable and easy way.

Liv Kraemer is a frequent speaker at international medical, cosmetic and financial industry conferences and is an author of various scientific papers, book-chapters and a book. She is featured in different life style magazines like in-touch, Gala, Cover and Cosmopolitan and member of different international Society.

Her way to think out of the box and of combining research, lifestyle, medicine, entrepreneurship and social engagement is very rare and makes her truly unique and a perfect keynote speaker for health topics, for going into new direction of the modern world, finding new trends and markets and making decision for tomorrow.



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