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Kirstine Fratz: “You’ve never seen the world like this!”

Kirstine Fratz is Germany’s first and only Zeitgeist researcher and tracks social change in a very special way.

The cultural scientist and Zeitgeist researcher deals with the power Zeitgeist has over us, what it promises us, why we follow it and how one learns to play with it successfully. Kirstine Fratz explores how the zeitgeist repeatedly triggers new collective longings, creates new promises of a successful life and thus influences our thoughts, actions and feelings. The zeitgeist skilfully and almost imperceptibly gives our complex world different directions and determines the spirit in culture and society.

“Zeitgeist is one of the most powerful and creative forces in our culture.”

New desires, new vibrations, new phenomena in society reveal, how the Zeitgeist dynamic is constantly transforming our culture. This creative power of delicate and subtle cultural interactions is the expertise of Zeitgeist research. Those who keep an eye on Zeitgeist dynamics have the mindset to play successfully with constant change, recognise and co-create what will drive society, the economy and visions in the future. For this purpose, Kirstine Fratz has developed Zeitgeist Dynamics © – a unique model that supports us in successfully shaping society and creating realities with in the constant change.

Kirstine Fratz: „Supporting cultural evolution is so much more exciting than just adapting to trends.”

The Zeitgeist researcher Kirstine Fratz has given Zeitgeist a completely new profile and advises companies and institutions such as Unilever, Facebook, Audi, Gucci, Beiersdorf, Procter & Gamble and the Catholic Church specifically on Zeitgeist and the Holy Spirit. Kirstine Fratz is an international speaker on Zeitgeist topics, teaches at universities, is a member of the supervisory board of German Real Estate, an honorary member of the Club of European Women Entrepreneurs, a TED speaker and an expert in various think tanks, including Akademie_3. Kirstine Fratz is the author of „The book of Zeitgeist and how it drives us forward” (Fontis Verlag) and regularly publishes new Zeitgeist perspectives in a wide range of media, including Tush, Deco Home, the magazine of the International Business Senate Berlin and Wallstreet Journal.

Kirstine Fratz Keynote: Zeitgeist at Work

How does Zeitgeist actually work? Very different from what we have thought so far.

Learn how the Zeitgeist perspective can be used to watch collective desires change the world. This fresh perspective on cultural evolution is a sensitive look at our relationship to the world and sets a completely new reference point for cultural development and corporate culture. It gives us deep insights into the imaginary world of the future – and does not remain stuck in a limiting view of the present.

Contemporaries inspired by the Zeitgeist perspective become Spirit Makers and create new cultural homes for our longings. This results in groundbreaking products, pioneering services and completely new ideas about how we want to live. Spirit Makers are the game changers of a new quality of time. This makes the Zeitgeist perspective a mental upgrade for cultural evolution.

Start a new relationship, a new perception, a whole new relationship with your environment and your time. The ability to promote cultural evolution with your potential is more joyful, much more sustainable and holds more promise of purpose and happiness than just adapting to trends. What brings your spirit into the making?

The cultural scientist made the mystery of change between time, spirit and world her profession early on.

Even as a child, Kirstine Fratz was impressed by foreign cultures, by the way they lived, thought and believed. She is half danish and had spend her childhood in New York, fascinated by wandering back and forth between these worlds, she decided to study cultural science. She found it exciting and comforting that the concepts of ethics, meaning and life success could be lived differently by so many societies on earth. Kirstine Fratz learned to approach the foreign and to understand the different. In the process, she became more and more aware of how her own cultural sphere was constantly in motion and was itself becoming different again and again.

The phenomenon of Zeitgeist moved into her research focus, which has the power to change and renew societies all the time. From then on, Kirstine Fratz dealt with the dynamics of how the new comes into the world and became a Zeitgeist researcher. With the statement that Zeitgeist is a temporary promise for a successful life, she created a guideline to understand and use the cultural change more deeply.

After her studies in cultural science, Kirstine Fratz worked in the Hamburg Trend Büro, lived and did research in London, San Francisco, Paris and Marrakesh. She then further developed Zeitgeist research in cooperation with the trend agency Neogarde, had set up her own business in 2008 and became Germanys first Zeitgeist expert.



Kirstine Fratz

How to play with the spirit of time. TEDxDresden

Kirstine Fratz

Zeitgeist: Ein ewiges Rad an Mangel und Begehren


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