Joschka Fischer

Joschka Fischer

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs & Vice Chancellor, Germany

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Joschka Fischer: Germany, Europe and the new Powerhouse China

Joschka Fischer – From sneaker minister and street fighter to one of the world’s most important politicians. A fascinating personality.

Joschka Fischer was born in Gerabronn on April 12, 1948. He has been a member of the Green Party since 1982, for which he was first elected to the German Bundestag in 1983. From 1985-1987 Joschka Fischer held the office of Minister for Environment and Energy in Hesse. At the same time, he was a deputy member of the Bundesrat. In 1987 he took over the chairmanship of the Green parliamentary group in the Hessian state parliament, which he held until 1991.

Joschka Fischer – The “Elder Statesman”

Joschka Fischer inspires – with his rhetorical brilliance and his assertiveness. And he polarizes – with his views, his decisions and his past. He has shaped German politics like few others: Joschka Fischer, once the most powerful member of the Green Party and the Republic’s first Green foreign minister.

Joschka Fischer Lecture Topics

- Welcome to the 21st century: Europe’s awakening and German responsibility
- The new Europe after Brexit
- Germany and the world – How globalization harms Germany
- Meeting point future – Europe in global competition
- Europe in the new world order of the 21st century
- Europe and the USA – The political challenges for the West
- China, the new global powerhouse – How Europe must deal with it
- Sustainability in corporate management

In 1991-1994, Joschka Fischer was Deputy Minister President of the State of Hesse and Hessian Minister for the Environment, Energy and Federal Affairs. From 1994 to 2006, Joschka Fischer was again a member of the German Bundestag. Until 1998, he represented the parliamentary group of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen as its spokesman. From October 27, 1998 to November 22, 2005, Joschka Fischer was Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs and Vice Chancellor in the Red-Green government under Chancellor Schröder. From 2006 to 2007 he was a visiting professor at the Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University.

Joschka Fischer is considered one of the most popular and globally respected German politicians.

In 1998, Joschka Fischer was appointed Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs and Vice Chancellor of the Red-Green government. In doing so, Joschka Fischer helped his party, Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen, gain more political influence at the federal and European levels. His term in office ended after the 2005 Bundestag elections.

During his stellar career as Federal Foreign Minister, Joschka Fischer was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Haifa in 2002, among other honors. In addition, he has also been the recipient of the Leo Baeck Prize since 2005, for his services in the Middle East conflict. According to a survey by TNS-Infratest, Joschka Fischer was still Germany’s most popular politician in 2005.

Joschka Fischer: Welcome to the 21st century: Europe’s awakening and German responsibility

Beyond Furor teutonicus and pacifism – Germany’s tasks in the EU and the world. The 21st century is now two decades old, and the contours of a new world (dis)order are becoming increasingly apparent: the rise of China, the shift of the world political axis to the Pacific, an increasingly confused world power USA that is relapsing into nationalism, a frustrated nuclear power Russia, a stagnating Europe … Since the decline of the USA as a global power of order after 1989, there has been a dangerous new rivalry of nuclear world powers that can escalate at any time: Korea, Hong Kong, Kashmir, Iran, Yemen, Syria, Ukraine. A new arms race. Trade and technology crises. In this situation, the transformation of Europe into a sovereign world political power becomes a crucial question for the future, which cannot be solved without a self-confident contribution and the economic resources of Germany and France. Do German politicians recognize the signs of the times?



Joschka Fischer

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