Jörg Buckmann

Jörg Buckmann

Expert in Human Resources, Employer Branding & Recruiting

Speaker biography

Jörg Buckmann – With Creativity, Joy and really good Employer Branding against skills shortages.

Jörg Buckmann – More „Frechmut“ please: With creativity, joy and really good personnel advertising against the shortage of skilled workers.

Jörg Buckmann can confidently be called a late bloomer – as Buckmann himself puts it. In his mid-forties, he hung up his secure job at the public transport company in Zurich and traded the security of his job as personnel manager for the enthusiasm of doing what he really enjoys. And Jörg Buckmann enjoys everything that has to do with really good recruitment and communication. He discovered his penchant for fresh, sometimes cheeky and unconventional approaches to personnel marketing more than 10 years ago. Since then, he has won many awards for his sensational campaigns and the employer positioning of Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich, and was named HR Marketing Innovator of the Year in 2013.

Jörg Buckmann Lecture topics

  • No labor shortage through professional employer branding
  • Buckmann wins: personnel marketing and employer attractiveness
  • Attitude thing. Recruiting with cheek and skill
  • Change of track: personnel marketing with application turbo

His first book „Einstellungsache: Personalgewinnung mit Frechmut und Können“ is one of the best-selling books on the subject. Jörg Buckmann invented and coined the term „Frechmut“ as an expression for personnel advertising that reaches target groups with joy, professionalism and the desire to experiment and break patterns. Doing instead of complaining is his motto.

In the meantime, Jörg Buckmann advises other companies, including many medium-sized enterprises, public authorities and semi-public companies such as hospitals or energy suppliers, on issues of effective employer presentation and personnel marketing, lectures at universities of applied sciences and writes essays and books.

On stage, the former HR manager speaks with passion against what he calls the rule of controllers, lawyers and cautionary fanatics in HR departments. He sees his appearances as a plea for more courage, experimentation and fun in HR work in general and in HR advertising in particular.

As a speaker, Jörg Buckmann, who is entirely a practitioner, mixes his theses with many descriptive best (and sometimes worst) practices to create entertaining presentations and draws on his wealth of experience for his practical tips. He spices the whole thing with a good portion of scarf and a likeable looseness. He inspires his listeners with concrete examples that can be taken directly from the lecture hall into everyday life – personnel marketing to go, so to speak.


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