Jitske Kramer

Jitske Kramer

Expert on Corporate Culture, Organizational Culture & Inclusion, Author & Entrepreneur

Speaker biography

Jitske Kramer inspires her audiences with her extensive knowledge of cultures from different parts of the world. Jitske is an Expert on Corporate Culture, Organizational Culture, Diversity & Inclusion, Author & Entrepreneur.

As an anthropologist, she gathers wisdom and insights from different tribes, village communities and people and draws fascinating conclusions for leadership and organisational structures.

Her main goal is to make the (working) world a better place. In her lectures, she talks about how cultures influence the development of people and how people in turn shape cultures. She draws on the insights she has gathered during her travels.

With her gripping stories, Jitske Kramer creates an impressive change of perspective for her audience: the familiar gradually becomes foreign, and the foreign becomes familiar. In her keynotes and masterclasses, she fascinates her audience with important lessons about humanity, culture, change and the importance of harmonious togetherness.

Jitske Kramer Lecture Topics

  • Corporate Tribe – Models and Tools for Leadership, Management and Organization
  • Deep Democracy – On the wisdom of the minority, thorough decision-making and determination
  • Jam Cultures – Diversity and Inclusion – A Performance with Music & Stories

Based on her travels, Jitske Kramer takes her audience on a fascinating mental excursion. She conceives of an organization as a living entity, with village squares and town halls (meeting rooms), alleys and taverns where the real dialogue takes place (smoking areas and coffee corners). With chiefs (executives), elders (supervisors), hunters (sales), magicians (IT, HR, change managers, consultants) and gatherers (the fee earners).

She uses these anthropological insights to create and sustain strong and healthy work environments. Jitske Kramer shows how we can improve our mutual relationships so that we become smarter as a group and better at what we think and do. Team intelligence instead of group stupidity is her claim.

Jitske Kramer, the entrepreneur and founder of HumanDimensions, was named “Trainer of the Year” in 2013. She is known as the best-selling author of “Deep Democracy,” “Jam Cultures,” “Work has Left the Building,” and as the co-author of “The Corporate Tribe,” the 2016 Management Book of the Year.



Jitske Kramer at TEDx - Silence, the Forgotten Human Skill
Jitske Kramer at NWX22 - Work has left the building - die Rolle von Kultur in der Arbeitswelt
Jitske Kramer at Nordic Buisness Forum Helsinki – Building a Future-proof Corporate Culture
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