Inma Martinez

Inma Martinez

Digital Pioneer in Artificial Intelligence & Future Technologies

Speaker biography

As a government advisor, Inma Martinez currently serves as Chair of the Multi-stakeholder Expert Group and Co-Chair of the Steering Committee at the GPAI, the G7/OECD global agency for the development and cooperation on AI.

She joined the GPAI as the Spain nominated expert on innovation and commercialisation of AI and leads the AI in Agriculture project. She has served in the United Kingdom at the Trade & Investment agency and at the Innovation Fund of the Department of Sport, Media and Culture, the All Party Parliamentary Group on AI, and is currently a member of the A.I. Council Advisory Board (State Secretariat for AI) at Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Government of Spain.

Inma Martinez is an Advisor to business leaders and governments on digital transformation as competitive advantage and societal progress.

Inma Martinez Presentation topics

  • Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for the Greater Good
  • The Fifth Industrial Revolution – New Space, humanity’s new horizon
  • The Future of the Automotive Industry
  • Digital media and the future of technology
  • The Rise of Social Media – With what Relevance to Your Business?
  • How A.I. can create Digital Transformation and Competitive Advantage
  • The Future of Work in the A.I. Automated Society
  • “The future of” series in the Digital Economy
  • Transforming SMEs with AI and Big Data
  • 5G and Edge & Cloud Computing: The Internet of Everything Revolution

Inma Martinez speaks at industry events for corporate & government clients delivering strategic insights and thought leadership to excel in the times of digital transformation and lead with real progress.

‍Progressing her previous careers in investment banking and telecommunications towards technology entrepreneurship, she is recognised worldwide as one of the leading entrepreneurs who pioneered with teams at Cambridge University and Trinity College Dublin the first real-time AI recommendation system of the mobile Internet. Throughout the 2000s she continued working in technology innovation creating emerging digital technologies like mobile music and video streaming, the connected car and smart living.

Her unique experience has allowed her to become one of the most sought-after experts in forecasting digital disruptions and revealing the potentiality of AI and other transformative technologies.

Since 2001 Inma Martinez has provided expert testimonies and sector strategies on Big Data and AI at the European Commission contributing to numerous strategies and policies shaping the digital future of the single market, at the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) highlighting the implications of the 4IR for developing countries and become a collaborator of UNESCO’s initiative to make AI inclusive of intercultural input and the European Space Agency’s Human and Robotic Exploration and the Ariane Cities programmes.

FORTUNE and TIME have described Inma Martinez as one of Europe’s top talents in social engagement through technology and FastCompany labelled her a “firestarter”.

She was voted the “Best contributor to the formation of strategy” in the section “Driving the Future of Europe’s Digital Economy” at Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s European Leadership Forum: Charting the Economic Future of Europe, a conference for CEOs and government officials.



Inma Martinez - The Fifth industrial revolution

Inma Martinez Keynote - I am from the Future

Inma Martinez at Brussels Economic Forum

AI Machines and the New Super Humans - TEDxGhent

Inma Martinez - Speakerreel

Connecting science with economy and business

AI Machines and the New Super Humans | Inma Martinez | TEDxGhent
Inma Martinez Interview at the launch of the Digital Transformation Space
Inma Martinez - I Am From The Future - Inspirefest 2017
AI Machines and the New Super Humans | Inma Martinez | TEDxGhent
Inma Martinez Interview at the launch of the Digital Transformation Space
Inma Martinez - I Am From The Future - Inspirefest 2017


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