Ilka Groenewold

Ilka Groenewold

Moderator for conferences, fairs, gala's & events

Speaker biography

Ilka Groenewold is a top presenter for events - charming & elegant.

When Ilka Groenewold moderates, she sees herself as a link between the clients, the customers, the listeners and the seers. She brings individual personalities a bit closer together, takes their thoughts and opinions and takes them further.

"The art in moderation is to keep the thread of an event in hand, so that individual sections of a show become a rounded whole," she says. "And of course: capturing the audience's attention!"

Ilka Groenewold manages to do this with a unique blend of charm, sympathy, freshness and professionalism that goes down a treat with "young and old alike." "My goal is ultimately to connect the people involved emotionally - with each other and with the goal of the event."

Ilka Groenewold moderates gala's, conferences & events.

Her strengths include familiarizing herself with a wide variety of topics. Since 2002 she has successfully moderated a wide variety of topics, at events, galas or trade fairs. And of course in TV productions and live broadcasts. "I enjoy many personal highlights and unforgettable moments in my job - especially when I can share them with my audience."

Ilka Groenewold is your expert for hybrid events and online events

Now is your chance to think events in a whole new way! Ilka Groenewold is happy to support you with her expertise from 19 years of professional experience. Online events, hybrid events, digital events - on a small scale or as a global event - the possibilities are endless. With reliable partners on board, she can provide you with a complete service: technical support, culinary delights and top-class entertainment. Let's get the best out of your online event together! XING interviewed Ilka Groenewold as an expert on this topic. So, what are you waiting for? Just contact us via email or phone.

Ilka Groenewold has experience in gala, trade fair, award, seminar, Internet TV and website moderation. And that "on stage" as well as editorial, in German as well as in English. Or in the best Frisian dialect. One thing is already clear: You will hear a lot more from this woman!



Ilka Groenewold

Moderatorin Ilka Groenewold für Tagungen, Events & Gala's


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