Holger Bröer

Holger Bröer

Managing Director Bröer & Partner GmbH, Lifechanger, Salesman

Speaker biography

Holger Bröer is The Salesman, a company founder, investor, entrepreneur and author.

Holger Bröer grew up in Hagen, Germany, the son of an entrepreneur. He likes to describe himself as a „lucky child“, as after the many setbacks and very major challenges in his life, he could actually have found and taken a completely different path.

„What comes around goes around“

His desire for life and the realisation that all life is finite and fragile has always helped him to maintain his focus and set his course. In the past, he may have thought himself successful and happy, but the older he got, the more intense, concrete and conscious he became.

Holger Bröer has literally been broke twice in his life, as it is part of his nature to give more than he gets. This trait is a purely human one and over time he has learnt to turn it into an advantage for himself and his fellow human beings. What he gives, the energy and the knowledge he shares, comes back sooner and later.

Holger Bröer Lecture topics

  • The human factor in sales: A plea for passion and humanity in sales
  • Real salespeople do what you can’t: Acquiring new customers
  • Committed sales & more turnover: How to be successful
  • The „Wolf of Wallstreet“ generation – revenue generators, real hunters & lone wolves
  • No Sales – No Business: No customers – No turnover – How to change it

In his presentations and workshops, Holger Bröer speaks plain language. Does your company want to expand and fill unoccupied territories? What should sales look like in the future? Inside sales, external sales, digital sales channel? Where do you get reliable, tested candidates?

The human factor in sales offers opportunities and risks of social media and digitalisation for sales. It encourages salespeople and all of us to stop bowing to technological pressure and instead promote person-to-person communication. In his presentations and workshops, Holger Bröer emphasises the importance of individual and personal communication between salesperson and customer, especially in times of Facebook, X (Twitter), Tik Tok, LinkedIn & Co.

In our increasingly digitalised world, many salespeople limit themselves to standardised communication processes in which the customer is not perceived as a person. Using vivid examples, sales expert Holger Bröer convincingly demonstrates how the world of social networks only gains value through personal encounters and how it is possible to develop offers directly from people’s needs. In his talks, he encourages salespeople, but also customers and participants, to stop bowing to strong technological pressure and instead promote person-to-person communication in order to rediscover the core of buying and selling. It encourages the development of new strategies with a human component in sales.

Holger Bröer: If you want to be powerful, educate yourself.

Holger Bröer is a pioneer and lateral thinker, entrepreneur and business investor, leading specialist in marketing and sales and one of the most distinguished speakers in German-speaking Europe. After many years of experience with international companies, he founded his company for operational new customer business in 2000.

Holger Bröer lives in Münster and Los Angeles. His credo and declared goal: „Live the life you deserve.“



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