Henning Beck

Henning Beck

Neuroscientist, Biochemist, Expert Artificial Intelligence & New Learning

Speaker biography

Henning Beck - New Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Neuroscience is exciting and too interesting to stay in the lab. Henning Beck takes a look behind the scenes of the most flawed but still most innovative structure on the world: the brain itself. In a modern, fresh and vivid way, he transfers current scientific findings to our daily life and shows how to use the brain’s tricks and shortcuts for better thinking.

Henning Beck – Keynote Topics

Brain vs. artificial intelligence - Who’s holding the upper hand?

- What sets real neuronal networks apart from artificial systems
- Hot to combine analog ideas with digitized technologies
- What’s giving human thinking the ultimate cognitive edge
- How we outperform artificial intelligence – and how we use it wisely
- Why “deep learning” is not enough and how “deep understanding” makes all the difference

Brain the Company - Analog thinking in a digital world

- Why the best ideas rise in an analog fashion
- How to support our thinking with digital technologies
- What makes a workspace “brainfriendly”
- How to make use of digital media and still keep the power of your brain

Biology of Inspiration - How to think the impossible

- What is a flash of inspiration and what happens in the brain during a creative idea
- What features new ideas and why do they have to break with thinking patterns
- Why new perspectives catch our attention and lead us to witty ideas
- Which tricks we can use to attract ideas and present them to others
- What environment triggers unusual solutions and sparks a twist in our thinking

Are you still learning or do you already understand?

- The path of knowledge to the nerve cells

The power of crisis

- How we become stronger in times of upheaval

The Power of Work

- Brain the Company - analogical thinking in the 21st Century

Digital presentation by Dr. Henning Beck – unique and interactive

Henning Beck, his lectures on the live stage are the perfect combination of scientifically sound content, stimulating impulses, experiences, entertainment and interaction. His new digital presentation format is just as high-quality and unique: an unprecedented combination of state-of-the-art digital technology with cutting-edge scientific content creates the ultimate experience.

The multi-camera perspective in a professional studio not only enables streaming up to 4K resolution, but also real-time editing and perspective changes, crystal-clear sound in sound studio quality, the live insertion of audience questions and the most virtual form of presentation at the limit of what is technically possible: Lecture slides become live 3D animations, videos are merged with the lecture via greenbox in real time, flipchart drawings acquire a new quality in whiteboard and scribble animations or are immediately animated as a three-dimensional interactive element alongside Henning Beck. His digital presentations are thus more than an online lecture – they are multimedia experiences that push the limits of what is digitally possible.



Henning Beck

Henning Beck - Warum künstliche Intelligenz nicht ausreicht, um die Welt zu beherrschen

Henning Beck

Henning Beck: What is a Thought? How the Brain creates new ideas


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