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Gerriet Danz

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Gerriet Danz – „It’s hailing ideas …“

For more than two decades, former BBDO Creative Director Gerriet Danz has been and still is among the most wanted experts for innovation and creativity. The keynotes of Gerriet, passionate lateral thinker, founder of several start ups and bestseller author, are filled with inspiration, surprise and a great mix of expert knowledge based on his wealth of experience.

Gerriet Danz: Keynote Topics

  • Try heart! How New Work is creating new sales.
  • Expedition Innovation! Being in Silicon Valley – success codes of rule breakers!
  • Utopia brings sales!
Think the impossible to get the possible
  • Happiness of failure – why mistakes lead to Innovation

He started his career as Creative Director with the international advertising agency BBDO where he supported Global Player in developing innovative concepts and ideas. In 1995, Stefan Aust, Editor in Chief at „Der Spiegel“, one of Germany’s leading news magazines, scouts him for TV where he develops new TV formats and moderates the news magazine „VOX News“, of the private TV channel VOX. After two years as Program Director at the public TV station NDR, he moderates 220 episodes of the German version of the US-Gameshow „JEOPARDY“.

He has then founded his own business „praesentarium“, and now supports employees and executives to hold confincing, inspirational and creative presentations. In his own motivational and humorous way, he teaches companies how to get over creative blocks and how to build an open, innovate atmosphere of creativity and innovation.

„The most direct form of corporate communication remains the presentation.“ (Gerriet Danz)

Gerriet Danz lectures at Steinbeis Hochschule Berlin and is a consultant for the European Patent Office (EPO) in Den Haag as well as a member of the German Speakers Association. He is also laureate of the CONGA-Awards category „Speaker & Trainer“ and used to blog as „Innovation Reporter“ from Silicon Valley for the German newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt.



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