Frank Busemann

Frank Busemann

Olympic participant, Athletics expert & TV moderator ARD, Author

Speaker biography

Frank Busemann (born in 1975) developed an incredible dedication to sports as a child. He reached his peak as a silver medalist in the Olympic decathlon in Atlanta. That same year, 1996, he was named Sportsman of the Year.

After numerous injuries, he declared his retirement from active sports in 2003. Since then, he has been sharing his experiences in sports and business in lectures and has published four books as an author so far. In addition, he is the athletics expert for the German public broadcaster ARD and, in the past, developed sports concepts for various companies as sports director.

Frank Busemann Lecture Topics

  • Just do it
  • The transformation: Successful in sports. Successful in business.
  • There is no room for giving up
  • Decathlon power for managers and entrepreneurs

Life is like sports – only different. There are losers and winners, there are hurdles and obstacles, there are ups and downs, but there’s one thing you can’t do: give up. Discover the multi-athlete in you and integrate sporting experiences into your daily and professional life. Learn what it means to use the success principles of sports for yourself, to skillfully overcome the highest hurdles and also to integrate weaknesses.

Be a competitive athlete in your field! In his lectures you will learn how to use the success principles of sports for yourself.

„Decathlon for your business – victory for your team“.

Since the end of his athletic career, Frank Busemann has been using the experiences of competitive sports to transfer them meaningfully into everyday life. If you see yourself as an all-around athlete like he does, you use your personal resources holistically and know how to use them optimally. This is exactly what Frank Busemann wants to convey. That is why he is no longer just an athlete. He gets people from business and sports to think about themselves.

In doing so, he demonstrates strategies for action in an anecdotal and entertaining manner, in order to utilize one’s own potential, and provides them with mental and sporting advice. Thus Frank practices multi-discipline on many levels, which brings himself, his customers and listeners a bit further every day via the emotional images of sport.

How to emerge stronger from setbacks and finally celebrate success is what Frank Busemann conveys in an entertaining and interactive lecture, in which every listener, unlike in sports, becomes a winner.



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