Florian Hübner

Florian Hübner

Expert Artificial Intelligence & CEO Startup Creator

Speaker biography

Florian Hübner, aka Mr Tech, is CEO of the AI agency Creator. Even before the topic of AI and chat GPT became popular, he was already designing AI solutions for customers with his software company.

His contributions are a combination of education and entertainment („edutainment“). Since the beginning of 2023, he has collected more than 100 million impressions on the topic of AI on social media. With over 300,000 followers, Florian Hübner has not only become Europe’s largest AI influencer in record time, but also a sought-after guest speaker and keynote speaker on the stages of AI conferences, trade fairs and corporate events.

In his talks, he guides the audience through the world of AI and impresses with fascinating use cases of what artificial intelligence can already achieve.

Florian Hübner Lecture topics

  • AI clones and deep fakes: the dark side of power?
    Ways to protect yourself from the dangers of deep fakes.
  • The new era of creativity through AI – present and future
    How artificial intelligence is changing art, music and design.
  • How ChatGPT is changing communication
    How AI systems are revolutionising the way we communicate.
  • How AI is shaking up marketing
    The great upheaval – How AI is turning marketing on its head and creating new opportunities.
  • Using AI in everyday work – How AI makes your organisation more efficient – Strategies for successfully implementing AI tools.
  • AI sales: Innovating for maximum efficiency – Automated strategies that are revolutionising sales.
  • The ultimate AI toolkit – Fascinating tools you should know about
  • Game changer for companies – Microsoft Copilot in action

In his lectures, workshops and consultations, Florian Hübner covers a wide range of topics, in particular the latest AI applications, ethical aspects and future prospects for AI. He draws his expertise from seven years in software development and five years in AI.

Why you should book Florian Hübner as a speaker:

Sound insights: in his keynotes, Florian Hübner provides in-depth knowledge about current AI trends and their impact on the business world. With his comprehensive understanding of AI technologies, he shows how they are changing various industries. His talks go beyond the basic information and explore the profound impact and opportunities that AI brings to different sectors.

Experience and expertise: Florian Hübner goes beyond the role of a typical AI keynote speaker and brings extensive experience and deep AI expertise. His rich expertise, gained through working on numerous AI projects, shapes his presentations. This creates unique learning opportunities where the audience benefits from an experienced AI expert with real-world experience.

Active dialogue: In his presentations, Florian Hübner creates an interactive atmosphere that invites dialogue and discussion. He encourages the audience to actively participate by asking questions and allowing different perspectives on AI topics. This lively dialogue allows participants to develop a deeper understanding and build a stronger bond with the content around AI.

His talks are not limited to imparting knowledge. They inspire and motivate the audience to put the ideas and concepts presented into practice. The lasting impact of his talks and workshops ensures a continued interest in the opportunities and challenges presented by artificial intelligence.



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