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Evelyne Binsack

Explorer, Extreme-Mountaineer & Author

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Evelyne Binsack: Willpower

Evelyne Binsack: A life for three poles – border crosser, professional mountain guide, speaker and bestselling author.

Her more than 30-year accident-free professional biography, which includes several thousand expedition days in the most inhospitable regions of the world (and the crowning achievement of being the first Swiss woman to have made it to the summit of Mount Everest, the South Pole and the North Pole with her own muscle power), enables Evelyne Binsack to gain a deep knowledge of the physical, emotional and mental nature of human beings in competitive sports.

Evelyne Binsack: The culmination of her expeditions are her lectures, presentations and outdoor seminars.

Evelyne Binsack is a professional mountain guide and adventurer by passion, speaker and bestselling author. As the first Swiss woman and as one of only a handful of people worldwide, she reached all three poles with her own muscle power: the summit of Mount Everest, the South Pole and the North Pole. In her speeches, the charismatic adventurer takes her listeners to the ends of the earth in the literal sense of the word. Through her narrative art, accompanied by exclusive visual material, she manages to make the audience look into a world in which physical and mental peak performance leads to outstanding goals. The speaker’s expectation of herself is to touch the audience’s heart and to reawaken the inner forces that underlie every great goal.

Evelyne Binsack: “It is a great pleasure for me to pass on to you, your management, employees and customers the experiences I have had at the limits of my human potential. Because the harvest of experience is knowledge.”

Evelyne Binsack lecture topics:

Risk Management
“You have to know how far you can go too far”

Change Management

“Breaking open is always the hardest part. It means complete abandonment of safety and comfort”


“Generate a team willing to go to the ends of the earth with you”


“Never associate with the obstacle”

Realisation of objectives

“He who dares may lose, he who does not dare has already lost”


“If you cannot prevent or change unfavorable external circumstances, change your inner attitude”

Keywords such as willpower, motivation, perseverance, courage and readiness to suffer are given an understandable and sympathetic face by the emotional stories, which motivates people to turn to these powerful qualities in a new way and to make use of them both in their professional and private lives. Positive. Powerful. Convincing.

It goes without saying that for top and marginal performances of this kind, in addition to know-how and physical training, an absolutely clear and mentally strengthened mental strength is the prerequisite for success. Evelyne Binsack has additionally expanded her knowledge of experience with specialist knowledge from neuroscience and training in psychology.

Her special combination of proven experience in extreme sports and specialist knowledge from psychology and neurology enables Evelyne Binsack to support people in their mental strength increase and to help them to transfer this ability into business life.

Book publications of Evelyne Binsack

“SCHRITTE AN DER GRENZE – Die erste Schweizerin auf dem Mount Everest” (Unfortunately out of print, available as e-book, Wörterseh-Verlag 2001)

“EXPEDITION ANTARCTICA – 484 days to the end of the world” (Out of stock in bookshops, please order directly from Evelyne Binsack, Wörterseh-Verlag 2008)

“GRENZGÄNGERIN – Ein Leben für drei Pole” (Wörterseh-Verlag 2017)

Evelyne Binsack enjoys providing effective tools in an entertaining way, both in the area of leadership responsibility and in the effort to increase team spirit in the workforce. Her endeavour is to equip people with a spirit of adventure and curiosity for their own mental progress. These new impulses not only increase performance at work, but also their own satisfaction in general.

That is what Evelyne Binsack burns for.



Evelyne Binsack


Evelyne Binsack

Höhenflüge und Abstürze

Evelyne Binsack

Grenzgängerin, Berufsbergführerin & Managementcoach


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