Dominique Gisin

Dominique Gisin

Ski-Downhill Olympic Champion

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Dominique Gisin: Making it Happen.

Dominique Gisin was one of the world’s top alpine ski racers from 2007 to 2015. At the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, she became Olympic champion in the supreme discipline of downhill skiing at the same time as the Slovenian Tina Maze.

This very special and highly emotional victory has deeply touched and inspired many people all over the world, because Dominique achieved it after overcoming an almost unprecedented injury history (including 9 knee operations), coupled with many setbacks.

Dominique Gisin won several World Cup races in the downhill and super-G disciplines and achieved further podium places in the same disciplines.

Dominique Gisin was among the top 15 in the world in four of the five disciplines of alpine skiing.

Dominique Gisin was born in 1985 into a family of sports enthusiasts. Her two younger siblings (Michelle and Marc) have also been successfully skiing in the Alpine World Cup for several years. Dominique graduated from the sports school in Engelberg in 2004 and is a passionate pilot and holds a private pilot license. From 2015 to 2018 she studied physics at the ETH Zurich and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in September 2018. Since October 2018, she has been CEO of the Swiss Sports Aid Foundation and can thus continue to turn her greatest passion into her profession.

Dominique Gisin calls the Swiss mountains her home. Her mother tongue is German, but she also speaks English, French, a little Italian and Romansh.

Lectures by Dominique Gisin:

After Dominique’s Olympic gold in the downhill in Sochi 2014 in Russia, her sister Michelle achieved this feat four years later, on February 22, 2018 in Pyeongchang in South Korea. She became Olympic champion in the Alpine combination. The lecture looks behind the scenes of this incredible achievement from the unique perspective of the coaches – because Michelle was accompanied to Olympic gold by sports psychologist Dr. Christian Marcolli and Dominique.

The lecture also gives an insight into the time after top-class sport. Dominique’s big step from the Ski World Cup circus to the ETH and especially the exchange of experiences with her sister Michelle will be highlighted. Is it possible to pass on a fire? And what happens when you combine several fires?

With her emotional victory in the supreme discipline of downhill skiing at the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, Dominique Gisin has touched people around the world. This is because the likeable athlete from Engelberg never gave up despite an almost endless history of injuries and always fought back. Why she never lost faith in herself and how she was able to realize her dream despite all the adversities, the Olympic champion tells in her inspiring lecture “MAKING IT HAPPEN”.

Dominique Gisin gives lectures together with her long-time sports psychologist, Dr. Christian Marcolli. However, she can also be booked as an individual speaker. In her lecture “A True Athlete” she will be on stage with her sister Michelle Gisin, Olympic Champion in Alpine Combination.



Dominique Gisin

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Dominique Gisin

Olympic Champion Sochi Downhill Gold

Dominique Gisin

Making it Happen

Dominique Gisin

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