Dirk Müller

Dirk Müller

Expert for Finance & Economy, Mr. DAX, Bestseller-Author

Speaker biography

Dirk Müller: The Power of Emotions - Of Soldiers of Fortune and Stock Strategists

Dirk Müller, Mr. Dax, is a financial expert, multiple Spiegel bestselling author, political advisor, lecture speaker, founder of the financial information service provider Finanzethos GmbH with the brand essence "Cashkurs.com"- and is regarded as an "interpreter between the financial markets and the people outside the stock exchange".

Lecture topics of financial expert Dirk Mueller

- Stock exchange in former times and today - the change at the floor
- Opportunities and risks in the current financial market environment
- Speculation with food - Ethics at the stock exchange
- Ethics and stock exchange - gambling casino or serious investment?
- Retirement in a good mood - Retirement provision made easy with shares
- Tangible assets or financial assets - Where are the better opportunities?
- Europe - The most important project of the century, but please do it right!
- Financial markets in the field of tension of international politics
- The Power of Emotions - Of Lucky Guys and Stock Strategists
- Approaches to solving the European debt problem

His path on the stock exchange began in 1992, where Dirk Müller worked as an officially sworn stockbroker. Today, he is one of Germany's best-known stock market experts, which is where his media nickname "Mr. DAX" comes from. As Senator of the Economy Germany and Chairman "FairFinance" of the Diplomatic Council, he advises on national and international political affairs.

Dirk Müller's ability to summarize complex issues with playful ease to the essentials and explain them in a way that is understandable to the general public is what distinguishes his unique reporting. In doing so, he is particularly concerned with conveying independent, honest background information.

Dirk Müller is committed to promoting the equity culture in Germany and supports this with his own fund for asset accumulation (Dirk Müller Premium Aktien).

Dirk Müller: "A new look at finance, business and the stock market - exciting, entertaining, enriching".

Infotainment with Dirk Müller - The entertaining and diverting lectures deal with exciting topics and developments from the fields of economics, finance, the stock market, politics and society, which are specially tailored to the audience.



Dirk Müller

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