Dietmar Dahmen

Dietmar Dahmen

Expert Change, Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence, Disruption - The Stage Rockstar

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Dietmar Dahmen: Don't follow trends. Set them.

Dietmar Dahmen: Disruption - Change - Innovation

Dietmar Dahmen is an inspiring, highly motivating speaker who not only rocks the stage, but also moves the hearts and minds of your audience. Over 20 years of marketing and advertising in Hamburg, Los Angeles, Munich, New York and Vienna - most recently in the position of Chief Creative Officer and Managing Director of the international agency group BBDO - make Dietmar Dahmen a deep connoisseur of branding and marketing, of contemporary communication and, above all, of the trends, challenges and opportunities for success of the future.

His book "What we are waiting for" has received several awards, his seminars, workshops and especially his lectures achieve absolute top ratings even in long-term comparisons - often "best of all time". Dietmar Dahmen is a highly booked international speaker in Europe, the USA and Asia and has also been Innovation Officer at an IBM company for some time. He has a solid presence in the media (from ZDF to USA Today) and has received numerous international awards.

Marketing and Branding
- The future of marketing
- The future of branding
- How to convince customers in digital times
- Big Data and hyper-connectivity

The Future
- From smart living to smart mobility
- How to leverage digital reality for your business
- Mission-driven growth
- Four questions that will steer you toward a successful future

- Selling creativity
- How to win your pitch
- Emotion wins
- The brain of the customer

- Sharing Economy
- Digital Economy
- In the middle, you get hit on both sides
- The pyramid of success

- Successful from ADAPTION to DISRUPTION
- Innovation: where is ahead?

Dietmar Dahmen: "Old ways won't get you to new goals!"

His network career started as a strategic planner (Lintas) and ended as Chief Creative Officer and Managing Director (BBDO) via the position of Creative Director (DDB-Heye) and Executive Creative Director (Ogilvy).

Dietmar Dahmen: "Don't follow trends. Set them!"

Today Dietmar Dahmen works as a freelance Creative Consultant for (mostly) international companies, is Co-Founder of the eco-platform "Earthback" and holds the position of Chief Innovation Officer in at "" since 2011.

Dietmar Dahmen: "Thinking leads to conclusions. Only emotions lead to actions!"

He is President of the Board of Advisors at "Mediahead" in Zurich and at Member of the Board of Advisors "Summit NYC" in New York. For the European Association of Communication Agencies Dietmar Dahmen fulfills the position of expert and trainer for change, trends, forward-looking marketing and innovation.

Dietmar Dahmen: "Good services are useful. Better ones are sexy. The best ones change the way we live."

Dietmar Dahmen is a fascinating, energetic speaker who inspires, excites and inspires his high-profile audiences from London to Los Angeles, Sydney to Singapore, Munich to Moscow, New Delhi to New York, to new levels of success.

"Rock on!"

Dietmar Dahmen is a member of the Creative Club Austria and the Art Directors Club Germany.



Dietmar Dahmen

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