Dennis-Kenji Kipker

Dennis-Kenji Kipker

Professor for IT Security Law, Expert on Digitalization & Cybersecurity

Speaker biography

Dennis-Kenji Kipker is Professor of IT Security Law at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences and Scientific Director at the Institute for Information Law (IGMR) at the University of Bremen. He is a senior researcher for topics at the interface of law and technology in cybersecurity, data protection, and digital resilience in the context of global crises.

He also serves as Legal Advisor to the German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies (VDE) and works in the policy area as a member of the board of the European Academy for Freedom of Information and Data Protection (EAID) in Berlin on the benchmarks of future IT regulation in Germany and the EU.

As managing director of the private consultancy Certavo in Bremen, he is also committed to the development and implementation of pragmatic solutions for the digital compliance of companies and, in this capacity, regularly takes on consulting and expert opinion assignments for various German and European institutions as well as for multinational corporations.

Dennis-Kenji Kipker Lecture Topics

  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital Resilience
  • Societal, political and economic impact of digitalization
  • Protection of digital supply chains
  • International cybersecurity/data protection and regulation of digital sovereignty
  • Hardware sovereignty and digitalization in major crisis situations such as cyberwar between Russia and Ukraine and with a view to the China-Taiwan conflict

Kipker is editor of the journals International Cybersecurity Law Review, Multimedia Law and Law Digital, and also author and editor of numerous legal books published by the renowned Munich-based publishing house C.H.Beck. As a publicist, he regularly writes guest articles for various media on the topics of security, digital sovereignty and digital civil rights, and authors the „Data Column“ for the Bremen daily newspaper Weser-Kurier and the IT column „Perspectives“ in the newspaper Berlin Tagesspiegel.

Since 2022, Kipker is heading the „Digitalization“ steering committee of the German Informatics Society to strategically address the global challenges of cyberspace for both companies and civil society.



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