Deniz Kayadelen

Deniz Kayadelen

Expert in Change Management, Talent Management & New Work

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Leaving your comfort zone and testing your limits: Deniz Kayadelen knows all about that. She is not only a manager at Ernst & Young, but also a certified trainer and a real sports ace.

Deniz Kayadelen is a business psychologist specializing in change management, communication, strategic talent management and sustainable employee development.

Deniz Kayadelen Speaking Topics

  • Get out of your comfort zone – Unleash your potential
  • Resilience, Mindfulness & Creating a positive Mindset
  • Go for Gold: Limits exists only in the minds
  • War of Talents – The Future of Talent Management
  • Change Management – Change Experience
  • New Work – The future of work & the workplace of the future
  • Intercultural Competencies – Leadership of the Future

Deniz Kayadelen has more than 10 years of consulting and training experience with focus on business process optimization, international rollout, sustainable competency development as well as design and delivery of trainings/workshops and coaching in diverse industries. She has led more than 30 projects in more than 4 industries. Some reference projects: Roche – change management, Adidas – Puma- LIDL – talent management, Porsche – leadership and learning. She has led several projects and project teams and has proven her leadership and intercultural competence in international projects.

Deniz Kayadelen is certified in Design Thinking, Innovation, Change Management, Scrum and intercultural coaching.

Future Talent Management and Future Job Roles

Whether we talk about New Work, Digitalization or Digital Transformation, one thing is clear: the world of work is undergoing fundamental change and „work“ is on its way to the next stage of evolution. Digitalization is possibly the strongest driver, because it is changing everything: the way we work, live, communicate, and lead. The way we acquire, pass on and expand knowledge, acquire and share information. The way we consume, buy and share.

The changes in the world of work will be drastic: Services and products will possibly change completely, work will no longer be a place where you go, and tasks, working methods, working hours and places will change. Tasks will be completely eliminated, but new ones will be added that we cannot yet name. If companies are prepared to deal with change at an early stage, it holds great opportunities: to position themselves for the future, to remain or become innovation leaders and an attractive employer, and to design „work“ in such a way that there is a balance between the requirements of the company and those of the employees.

Deniz Kayadelen: Sustainability – Today and Tomorrow.

Sustainability is very important on the way to the future. Often single measures, ad-hoc topics and decisions dominate the everyday life of a company. Especially the complexity of the current change invites to think smaller. Holistic and systemic approaches are obviously more costly in the first step, but they guarantee targeted measures especially with regard to the future viability of the company.

It is crucial to remain flexible and agile instead of developing „rigid“ images of the future and strategies. Such an approach enables companies to move purposefully from a buzzword like „digitization“ to strategic planning for the future.

The path to the working world of tomorrow is an individual design process for every company. However, active shaping is challenging in a world that is characterized by change. The first step is to realize and accept the holistic and fundamental nature of change in the world of work.

Management, entrepreneurship & sports – learning from both.

Besides her professional career, Deniz Kayadelen is an extreme swimmer with several international gold medals and Turkish record in 200 meters butterfly. She swam in the English Channel, North Channel between Ireland and Scotland with a relay team and swam from Robben Island to Cape Town in 12 degree water temperature and the risk of being attacked by sharks.

Deniz Kayadelen currently lives in Switzerland. She has been working in consulting for more than 10 years and is currently a Manager at EY in the People Advisory Services practice focusing on Change Management, Talent Management and Future of Work. She has extensive experience in talent and change management, international rollouts, cross-cultural trainings, coaching, executive assessments and learning & development. She is a certified change manager, diagnostic expert, innovation trainer, intercultural coach and facilitator. Deniz Kayadelen consulted more than 20 companies and led more than 30 projects.

Her book „Out of Comfort Zone“ (March 2021) became #1 on Amazon within a very short time.



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