David Bosshart

David Bosshart

Former CEO Think Tank GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute - Trendspotter

Speaker biography

David Bosshart: The future of consumption - How will we live tomorrow and the day after?

Dr. David Bosshart is the owner of Bosshart & Partners and has been President of the G. and A. Duttweiler Foundation since 2020. He was CEO of the GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute for Economic and Social Studies in Rüschlikon, Zurich, from 1999 to 2020. The Institute is an independent European think tank on trade and its social environment (founded in 1962 by European trade pioneer Gottlieb Duttweiler).

David Bosshart’s previous jobs were in trading companies, consulting, teaching and academic research. His work focuses on the future of consumption and social change, management and culture, globalization and political philosophy.

David Bosshart Lecture Topics

- How the “five Ds” (Digitization, Demographics, (De)globalization, Debt, Deflation) are leading to new decision-making behavior
- High Tech and High Touch: How human needs are changing
- Digital Ageing. How we can plan our lives better and grow old more interestingly thanks to technology.
- Smart Home and Smart Living. New dimensions of living thanks to new technologies.
- Food Trends Report – Bits over Bites: how, what, where and when we eat in the digitalized information world.
- Me and the others: who stands in the way of whom for a successful life? Is it always the others’ fault?
- People and machines: does artificial intelligence make us smarter or just more artificial?
- Consumption after the pandemic: people – brands – myths
- Are we still normal? When everything becomes extraordinary, there are no more differences and no more crazies
- The slower you move, the faster you die: What the acceleration of all areas of life means for us Society, work and leisure time
- Healthstyle instead of lifestyle: How an aging society sets new trends
- The end of consumption (as we know it)
- No data, no retail. Surfaces become virtual. Goods become services and experiences. Climate change forces conscious consumption.
- Hacking Food: How moral consumption is changing the way we deal with food.
- Expectations of food are rising. It should make us fit, healthy and happy, be fresh, available everywhere at all times and, what’s more, be climate-friendly.

Don’t be afraid of robots: How human intelligence and artificial intelligence are evolving. The future depends on how smartly humans and machines will work together. How will this best be done?

Europe and the world in 2030: “Where there are no gods, ghosts prevail.” What do we know? What can we do? What do we want? What do we believe in?

What does prosperity mean in the 21st century? Economy and society in rapid change

Age of Less – Less is more – More with less: Do we need to change our lives? Can we?

David Bosshart is a trained businessman and graduated with a doctorate in philosophy and political theory from the University of Zurich. He continues his education at Stanford University and Chicago Booth Business School, among others.

David Bosshart’s work focuses on megatrends and countertrends in business and society, the future of consumption, consumerism, and commerce, artificial and human intelligence, data abundance/poverty, contradictions of globalization, and political philosophy, management, and social change.

David Bosshart is the author of numerous internationally published papers, a multilingual speaker, and a sought-after keynote speaker in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. Clients of his analyses and lectures are international corporations and national companies from the retail, consumer goods and service industries, SMEs as well as associations, public institutions, NGOs, research and academia.



David Bosshart

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David Bosshart

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