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Daniela Landherr

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Daniela Landherr: Leadership and Talent Management by Google

Daniela Landherr provides the inspiration, experience and skills to transform your culture and organization.

Daniela Landherr inspires, teaches and activates people.

As a global leader in a multinational technology company, a lecturer in academia, and a corporate board member, Daniela Landherr brings unique skills to lead transformative and customized workshops and applies her extensive experience to create engaged, innovative, and high-performing teams and organizations.

To transform leadership and work cultures, Daniela Landherr offers leadership trainings and workshops, in addition to speeches and keynotes, based on previous analysis and research, providing tools to develop people, teams and organizations.

Daniela Landherr knows how to inspire an audience. An expert in inclusive culture and innovation, she is a sought-after keynote speaker at conferences and corporate events.

Daniela Landherr Speech Topics

How work culture drives innovation
Insights into what makes Google's work culture tick, based on the 7 principles of innovation that contribute to the development of products, organizations and the company. Daniela Landherr uncovers what motivates Google employees and the role leaders play in creating a fair environment for growth.

How failure impacts innovation
We all fail. Daniela Landherr provides insights into why failure is not the opposite of success and why perseverance is not the only key ingredient to success. She explains how our reaction to failure creates patterns that impact not only our lives, but also the overall work culture and success of organizations.

How psychological safety affects team effectiveness
What makes an effective team? Daniela Landherr shares insights from research conducted over the course of two years at Google, revealing the role trust and psychological safety play in building effective teams that drive organizational success and positively impact company culture.

How inclusive leadership drives cultural change
Being an inclusive leader takes courage. When we dare to lead through a crisis, patterns from our childhood become apparent, often defining who we are as leaders today. Daniela Landherr shares her insights on how to lead with curiosity and vulnerability to build an engaging and trusting environment.

How to make remote work happen
Technology has become an important tool to enhance the human experience. But we often forget that it's not just technology that makes remote work possible, it's people. Daniela shares insights and learnings from 15 years of remote and hybrid work experience and explains why building a virtual culture is so important.

Daniela Landherr is an avid speaker and lecturer who is passionate about leadership development and empowerment. She offers insights and research on building effective teams, engaged work cultures, inclusive and effective leadership, and innovation.

By emphasizing these focus areas with the rapid evolution of technology in the workplace, remote and hybrid work, and agile co-creation, Daniela Landherr provides leaders with powerful tools to drive their own development and create purposeful work environments that foster innovation and meaningful impact.



Daniela Landherr

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