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Daniel Hunold: Get New Leadership and New Motivation to your company.

Dr. Daniel Hunold lives and breathes New Work. As a speaker, he shows entrepreneurs, managers and employees how to successfully implement New Work. His award-winning motivational style will sweep you away. In his keynotes, he addresses critical topics such as trust, communication, honesty, control and intrinsic motivation. Because only if you pay attention to these factors in your company will you be successful as a New Worker.

Daniel Hunold - The Start-Up Founder
In addition to his work as a New Work speaker, Daniel Hunold, who holds a doctorate in business administration, is currently building up his own start-up "Motiviert Studiert" in the field of New Learning. With this, Daniel Hunold shows strategies to prepare you for the challenges of the agile working world. "Those who study with him are lucky, because he knows how to learn everything." That's how quiz legend Jörg Pilawa put it on ARD on 08.09.2018. In addition, the Society for Education, Information and Media e.V. (GPI) awarded Dr. Hunold the Comenius Seal 2019 for his start-up.

Daniel Hunold - Book Author, YouTuber & Lecturer
His entertaining style makes Daniel Hunold one of the most popular university lecturers in Germany. In the process, he received the coveted teaching award from the University of Greifswald in 2015. As a YouTuber (26,000 subscribers), blogger (300,000 readers), multiple book author and guest author for Stern Neon, Xing Insider and Audimax, he prepares generations XYZ for New Work with New Learning.

Bring the future of work to your company.

Daniel Hunold Lecture topics

New Work - Are you ready for the Future?
New Work is the megatrend of the last years. Agility, motivation, trust, self-realization and creativity are supposed to be promoted by new forms of work. But what of this is dreaming and what is actually achievable through the transformation of work? And above all: Does it pay off for the company if superiors give their teams freedom and self-determination?

In this keynote, New Work Speaker Daniel Hunold provides practical insights into the future of work. He shows you how to not only join in, but how to do it right.

New Work - New Motivation
Over 70 percent of professionals have low emotional attachment to their employers, according to the Gallup Study (2018). The consequences: Lack of motivation, listlessness and working to rule. However, this does not apply to everyone. Employees of agile companies with successful New Work models have a much higher emotional attachment to the company and more motivation.

In this New Work Keynote, Dr. Daniel Hunold will show you how to achieve a new quality of motivation in your company through proper New Work in an entertaining and practical way.

Pressure creates a lot of diarrhea, but few diamonds
Performance pressure is multi-faceted. It can come from superiors, colleagues, family or from oneself. Some use it to squeeze human diamonds. But many get crushed in the process and fail to complete their tasks. Success in business, and especially in New Work, comes not from excessive pressure to perform, but from an inconspicuous innate quality that has received far too little attention.

New Work - From employee to idea generator
Ten years ago, creativity was the most important quality of a CEO (IBM, 2010). Due to the increasing complexity of the digital working world, managers no longer find the time to come up with an innovative solution to every problem. To do so, they need a motivated team that can act independently. In short, managers don't need employees, they need co-entrepreneurs who enjoy using their creativity every day. Through New Work, you create optimal conditions for attracting and promoting idea generators.

New Leadership - Do you still control or do you already trust?
For decades, control was a proven means of supervising simple and monotonous work steps. Machines now take over these activities. Employees are currently needed above all as problem solvers who can make their own decisions with freedom. To do this, teams need the trust of their superiors. However, supervisors with a hierarchical management style find it particularly difficult to fully embrace New Work. If managers do not internally support the new working world, agile working will fail.

This is exactly where the New Work Speaker picks up executives. Daniel Hunold shows step by step how trust can be built sustainably and how inspiration replaces control in the long run.

Motiviert Studiert - Daniel Hunold brings New Work to your company. As a lecture or workshop.



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