Cristián Gálvez

Cristián Gálvez

Personality Creates an Impact - Motivation, Personality & The Power of Persuasion

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Cristián Gálvez – Management Heroes.

Cristián Gálvez – For an immediate increase in personality, motivation and impact.

Cristián Gálvez combines the latest findings in applied psychology with his expertise as a coach of personalities from business, politics and entertainment to create a unique overall concept. The multiple award-winning speaker stands for lecture experiences at the highest level. Entertaining, relevant and always 100 percent tailored to your target group.

Cristián Gálvez is a multi-award-winning speaker, author of successful guidebooks and creator of Germany’s largest online personality training program Das-Beste-in-Dir! in cooperation with ProSiebenSAT.1 AG. Cristián Gálvez moves people.

Cristián Gálvez lecture topics

  • Personality creates impact! Convince. Motivate. Inspire
  • Sales heroes: Champion or follower – Winning is in the mind and with the customer.
  • Hero’s Journey: How people break new ground and rise above themselves with motivation.
  • ENERGIZE yourself: Motivation creates impact

In no area of society is top performance more measurable than in competitive sports. This is precisely why many companies use the world of sports for the motto of their event. „Fit for the future“, „Set sail“ or „Sales Olympics“ are just a few of the events for which Cristián Gálvez has specially developed this presentation. Wherever companies use the metaphor of sport as part of their events, Cristián Gálvez presents relevant ideas, thoughts and impulses from the world of applied sports psychology.

Your individual needs and requirements are at the heart of each of Cristián Gálvez’s speaking experiences. Let a short briefing convince you how you can use Cristián Gálvez’s experience, method and quality for your guaranteed event success.

Tailor-made inspirational lectures for aspiring sales and leadership heroes.

He discovered his passion for applied psychology as a teenager. At the age of 16, he celebrated international success as a magician and realized very early on that it is not numbers, data, facts that move people, but personality and emotion.

This early stage and TV experience continues to shape his work as a speaker and presenter to this day. Gálvez touches, inspires and moves. The event trade magazine showcases named him the „male universal weapon on the event front.“

The German-Chilene Cristián Gálvez studied business administration, economic and social psychology in Germany and, via a scholarship, in the USA. He then spent another 18 months in Hollywood, researching the principles of success in the dream factory at renowned institutes. Numerous further psychological training courses, certifications and his work as a coach of personalities from business, politics and entertainment round off his expertise. The TV station SAT.1 calls him „Germany’s leading personality trainer“ (SAT.1).

With his highly regarded Heldenprojekt (Hero Project), he transfers the psychological patterns and structures of the so-called Hero’s Journey to everyday business life. The Hero Compass® developed by him offers entrepreneurs, executives and sales people a relevant model for change, motivation and goal achievement.

The energy lecture for kick-offs, trade show trainings and everywhere where the inner drive should be awakened.

Cristián Gálvez works with the methods of story-telling, infotainment and various impact techniques. In this way, Cristián Gálvez succeeds in an extraordinary way to make people laugh – and think at the same time. In doing so, he is always oriented towards his viewers. Based on a detailed briefing, he brings practical examples to the stage with a wink.

Through his lively manner and his great experience as an infotainer and coach, Cristián Gálvez achieves a high level of sustainability with his viewers. His primary goal: to convey content in an entertaining and relevant way.



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