Claudia Bechstein

Claudia Bechstein

Moderator & Business Psychologist (M.Sc)

Speaker biography

Claudia Bechstein is a moderator and business psychologist (M.Sc). She has been guiding people through online and live events for many years and works on hybrid event concepts in front of the camera. This includes the classic event formats, but of course also congresses, galas, press conferences, award ceremonies and online/TV productions. In selected subject areas she moderates panel discussions, talk rounds, expert interviews, startup pitches and Q+As.

Claudia Bechstein as moderator for various event formats

  • Business moderation
  • Event and gala moderation
  • Moderator for online and hybrid formats
  • Moderator for conferences and panel discussions

Claudia Bechstein mainly works in tech-oriented industries with a focus on digitalized transformation processes, new work, data solutions and sustainability, as well as in topics such as German economy, finance, automotive, health and industry 4.0. She also has experience with clients from the Asian region. Whether European or international collaborations, for exclusive events and galas Claudia Bechstein brings professionalism, elegance and the necessary flair to create unforgettable moments.

„Flexibility is the new constant. Regular training in areas such as FinTech, digitalization/transformation and sustainable issues are all part of the game for me.“

Claudia Bechstein is 100% passionate about being a moderator. She lives in Berlin and Hamburg, moderates in German and English and can be deployed internationally.

Customer feedback:

„Thank you very much for moderating the Innovation Congress … The event showed that business, politics and society can work hand in hand to set the course for a new start-up culture in Germany … The lively and appealing moderation of the event contributed greatly to its success. I greatly appreciate your efforts.“ Christian Lindner, FDP

„Many thanks for your great moderation, we will be happy to come back to you. Likewise again warm greetings from the Sales Team and thank you for capturing the nervous colleagues so primely and guiding them through the presentation. Great class!“ Arno Lindemann, Managing Director Scholz&Friends

„Thank you very much for your commitment and the very good preparation as well as implementation of the VA. I have received exclusively positive feedback from various sides (participants, customer, private), who found your appearance, your moderation style and content knowledge super. The preparation with you was also uncomplicated and fast.“ Felix Schott, Project Manager Expert Talk Berlin Tegel Project



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Moderatorin Claudia Bechstein: Online / Hybrid 2021
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