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Christian Bredlow

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Christian Bredlow: Back from Home - Back to Work?

Christian Bredlow is the founder and managing guide of Digital Mindset. Together with his team, he inspires entrepreneurs, executives, works councils and employees to embrace the digital transformation and supports companies with inspirational formats in the process of (digital) transformation.

The business informatics graduate Christian Bredlow is a motivator, enabler and expert in one person. He is the father of twins, a blogging music lover, and a passionate keynote speaker – his hip hop past is something he can’t always hold back in his presentations either.

Christian Bredlow drives the topic of digitalization from a different perspective, confronts his listeners with their own perseverance, and cleverly changes their perspective. Above all, there is one important insight: “Digitization is not a question of technology – it’s all about the mindset.” No more excuses and whining – the digital transformation starts with us and must begin in the entrepreneur’s head and work its way through the company from there.

In his keynotes, Christian Bredlow can credibly report from many perspectives. With many years of experience in the top management of a medium-sized media company and in the execution of various business management positions in the start-up environment, experiences from both sides of the coin are combined.

Christian Bredlow Lecture topics

With digitization, it’s like music
Digitization is not just about technology, but also about people, business models and, above all, understanding. Not to be forgotten: It is about ourselves, our attitudes and our willingness to change.

The keynote invites decision-makers, executives and interested parties to reflect and rethink in a humorous and musical way.

From now on we are all #agile, or what?
Under the title “From now on, we’re all #agile, or what?” Christian Bredlow explores the question of why the whole world is currently dealing with buzzwords like agility and new work. Why is everyone writing on their windows with chalk pens and why are these posties stuck everywhere now?

Christian Bredlow explains the significance of this topic for German SMEs and their managers. After all, changed ways of working and leading only work successfully if they are understood and (exemplified) by managers.

Back from Home - Back to Work?
Under the title “Back from Home – Back to Work?” Christian Bredlow looks at the question of how and whether we will return to the office for work. Through pandemic development, people have developed many different workstyles, adapted new working time models for themselves and learned digital collaboration in and with teams.

In this keynote, Christian Bredlow discusses in his usual humorous and pointed way the tension between digitalization, new work, talent recruiting and entrepreneurs who are not yet sure whether the question “Does digitality need a physical space?” can be settled via rigid sets of rules. So, (how) do we get back to the office?

The “Our company is different” paradigm
A phenomenon of the current times is almost certainly that almost all people working in a company suffer from a seemingly incurable disease. We call this disease “the our company is different” paradigm.

Christian Bredlow holds a mirror up to the company, shows the achievements with an external view and provokes a critical look at the future, which is driven by the market. We all need a digital mindset – with this statement it is swingingly made clear how important it is to show a stop sign to those who block progress with statements like ” This is impossible!”.

So let’s stop the whining!



Christian Bredlow

Christian Bredlow spricht über Agilität & digitale Transformation

Christian Bredlow

Christian Bredlow: "Und ab heute sind wir alle agile, oder?

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