Bianca-Maria Klein

Bianca-Maria Klein

Expert Expectation Management, Personal development & Communication

Speaker biography

Bianca-Maria Klein is a cheerful half-Italian from Northern Germany, who has traveled far, looked deep into herself and arrived at her own self. Her profession has taken her to the USA, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland, among other places, and has had a significant influence on the way she deals with change. After 20 years of professional experience in responsible positions in international medical technology with personnel management, she has now fulfilled her dream. As a speaker & trainer, Bianca-Maria Klein is passionate about supporting other people in the transformation process and enjoys sharing her own experiences with them – for more self-determination in life.

Bianca-Marie Klein Lecture topics

  • Expectations – the killer of happiness
    (Gain more clarity and self-determination with the management of expectations)

What are expectations, and why can they be so painful and kill our happiness? How can I use the „black box method“ and practice active communication with questions to dissolve expectations and prevent disappointment? This lecture shows that one can live more honestly, authentically and self-determined, if expectations are actively and self-confidently managed.

  • Everything was better in the past?
    Unstable times: how do I strengthen myself and my team when the world is upside down?

Change everywhere – what does it really take to keep a team together?

Anyone who has ever fought for their life knows how powerful a vision can be. Why do many companies not have it? To really live a powerful vision you need clarity, responsibility and trust – 3 things that are often missing. What you can do to create these, is described in the talk, highlighting how important self-efficacy, compelling values, a healthy environment and genuine interest in each other are for this to happen. You can have a well-functioning team if you want it!

  • „You only die once“ – do you know or still find your why?

Role models shape us and show us that a why and a what for is helpful for being and doing things every day. The incentive and motivation to be an inspiration for others can help. For everyone, it can be something different, but everyone knows that the aspiration is great. What is a „why“ (or purpose) anyway? What is the point of having a why? With 6 points you can find your why (honesty, know your values, question your thinking patterns, create your environment, know your talent and be 100% all-in) – and overcome your fears. At the end of life, no one regrets not having worked enough! You only die once!

  • „Quick question: how do I actually become and stay a good leader?“

I have to, because that’s the only way I’ll get promoted!? But what does it actually mean to be a good leader or what do I need to become one and to stay one? The lecture answers these questions and emphasizes that the motivation to empower others, to share one’s own experiences and to be a „footprint“ in the lives of others is the best qualification to take over the leadership and management of a team. Resources such as self-confidence, courage, assertiveness and active expectation management help and can be trained to achieve company goals in a successful and happy team. All things a leader may use to make a difference!

  • Help! Is there the right way to deal with helplessness and stress?

Dealing with helplessness begins with distinguishing whether we feel that way or whether we truly have no help. Most don’t ask for help because they resign instead of actively going into action. Fear paralyzes us. Becoming aware of this and actively combating resignation by training confidence and actively questioning the feeling and creating „islands of calm and joy“ for oneself helps combat the feeling of „feeling helpless and powerless.“

Bianca-Maria Klein: „I want to accompany people in getting to know their inner superhero and in doing so master life with strength, patience and courage – including changes and expectations!

Professional experience, qualifications, certifications:

  • 20 years of professional experience in the management of international companies in medical technology and research.
  • Many years of experience in international marketing, sales management and project management with personnel responsibility.
  • Extensive international experience through professional functions abroad in the USA, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Spain

  • Training as systemic coach, change manager, trainer, business facilitator (DVCT)
  • Training as a certified coach for solution-oriented short-term coaching (ICF) and team coaching (ICF)
  • Speaker training with „Greator“ and „Tobias Beck Academy

Bianca-Maria Klein gives her lectures in German, English and Italian. In addition, she speaks Spanish and French.



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