Bernhard Heusler

Bernhard Heusler

Expert Leadership, Sport & Business & intercultural Management, Honorary President FC Basel 1893

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Bernhard Heusler is co-founder and partner of Heusler Werthmüller Heitz AG, headquartered in Basel and specialized in the provision of services in the areas of business consulting, sports and culture.

After studying law at the Universities of Basel and Davis (California) and completing a doctorate in constitutional law, Bernhard Heusler practiced as a business lawyer, specializing in M&A as well as IT law, first in New York (1995) and then in Basel at Wenger Plattner. From August 2014 until fall 2017, he was counsel at the Basel office of the law firm Walder Wyss AG.

Bernhard Heusler Lecture Topics

  • A team wins. Always.
  • The formula for success: competence and passion
  • Intercultural Management – Leading Multinational Teams
  • Sport & Business – Learning and profiting from each other
  • Leadership & Motivation – Successfully meeting the challenges of the future

Since 2003, Bernhard Heusler has increasingly dedicated himself to FC Basel 1893. Initially brought in as a legal advisor to the board of directors, he was elected vice president of the football club in 2006 and took over responsibility for operations as delegate of the board of directors in 2009. Under his operational leadership, FC Basel 1893 has won the Swiss championship eight times in a row, reached the ½- and ¼-finals of the UEFA Europa League and qualified for the UEFA Champions League six times. In the course of assuming operational management responsibility, Bernhard Heusler became majority shareholder at FC Basel Holding AG. In 2012, Bernhard Heusler was elected president of FC Basel 1893 (club) and FC Basel 1893 AG (public limited company). Under his responsibility, FC Basel increased its turnover from around EUR 40 million (2009) to EUR 100-130 million (2015/2016). In the summer of 2017, Bernhard Heusler – and with him the entire management level – stepped down and transferred the shares in FC Basel Holding AG to a new owner. Bernhard Heusler became the second honorary president in the club’s history to date.

In the field of football, Bernhard Heusler took on the following responsibilities:

  • Representative of the Swiss Football League on the Central Board of the Swiss Football Association;
  • Member of the Swiss Football League Committee (2010-2017).
  • Club representative in the European Club Association (2010-2017)
  • Swiss representative on the UEFA Club Competition Committee (2014-2018) and
  • Arbitrator at the International Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS/TAS) in Lausanne.

Since February 2018, Bernhard Heusler has been active as an advisor to the governing bodies of Legia Warsaw, among others.

Bernhard Heusler: A team wins! Always!

In the fall of 2018, Bernhard Heusler and his consulting firm were commissioned by the Swiss Football Association (SFV) to conduct an analysis of the organization, structure, and processes surrounding the Swiss national team as a follow-up to the 2018 World Cup.

In recognition of his activities and achievements with FC Basel 1893, Bernhard Heusler has been awarded the following honors:

  • Basel Star (2013), awarded by the „Sternen Komitee“ for outstanding service to the city of Basel,
  • „Award for outstanding Leadership and Teamwork“ (2016), awarded by the „World Forum for Ethics in Sport and Business“ at the 2nd World Summit on Ethics and Leadership in Sports in recognition of the values-based leadership and teamwork at FC Basel 1893;
  • „Honorary Spalebärglemer“ (2016), awarded by the „Sparrowhawk College“ for outstanding services to the city of Basel (since 1976);
  • Honorary President of FC Basel 1893 (2017);
  • Honorary member of the Swiss Football League (2017).

In addition to his activities in the field of (football) sports, Bernhard Heusler accompanies a number of board of directors mandates in Switzerland, including at the start-up company Picstars, an online platform for sports sponsorship and support of athletes; he also serves as President of the Swiss Sports Aid Foundation since May 2018 and has been co-owner and honorary board member of Sm’Aesch Pfeffingen AG, a Swiss women’s volleyball team (runner-up in 2017), since summer 2017.

Bernhard Heusler is president of the „Foundation for Sick Children in Basel“. He regularly appears as a speaker on the subject of corporate and team leadership at business events, management seminars and academic courses. Bernhard Heusler is married and father of two children.



Bernhard Heusler Hospitality Summit 2022

High Performance Teams & Führung

Bernhard Heusler an der The Circle Conference 1. Juli 2021 - Ein Team gewinnt. Immer.

Leadership the Swiss Way

Bernhard Heusler - Redner Führung & Motivation

Motivation & Führung

Bernhard Heusler im Premium Speakers Interview - SPORT & WIRTSCHAFT – Das Team gewinnt immer
Bernhard Heusler an der The Circle Conference 1. Juli 2021 - Ein Team gewinnt. Immer.
Bernhard Heusler - Redner Führung & Motivation
Bernhard Heusler im Premium Speakers Interview - SPORT & WIRTSCHAFT – Das Team gewinnt immer
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